Best YouTube Christmas Movies to Watch this Season of Holidays

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Christmas is a season of holidays where people spend some quality time with their family members. And what be great other than watching YouTube Christmas movies with your family. Keeping this in mind, we have brought you some of the best and free Christmas movies on YouTube. Enjoy watching these movies with your family. Read below to know more.

Best YouTube Christmas Movies to Watch

Below is the list of YouTube free Christmas movies that you can enjoy this holiday.

Crazy for Christmas

Crazy for Christmas is one of the free Christmas movies on YouTube and takes place on Christmas Eve, where Shannon McManus is stuck driving around an eccentric and wealthy client who is offering a huge amount of money with the hope of reuniting with his daughter. Andrea Roth does her best in the movie. She is cute and tries to raise her young son with all her power. Speaking about the story, Howard plays a crazy old billionaire that is giving away money to strangers with the hope to meet his daughter. The hallmark Christmas movies YouTube is a tender and sweet story about giving and family and what is actually important in life.

Crazy for Christmas: best Christmas Movies

Production companies

  • Regent Entertainment
  • Blueprint Entertainment
  • Movie Central


  • 1 hour 30 minutes


  • Howard Hesseman as Fred Nickells
  • Andrea Roth as Shannon McManus-Johnson
  • Yannick Bisson as Peter Archer
  • Jason Spevack as Trevor McManus-Johnson
  • Daniel Fathers as Arthur Finnegan
  • Karen LeBlanc as Janet
  • Mark Wilson as Herb Jasper
  • Joyce Gordon as Mrs. Granger
  • Joe Flaherty as Roger the Doorman
  • Carla Collins as Lauren
  • Eddie Max Huband as Little Boy
  • Richard Fitzpatrick as Frank
  • Joe Pingue as Hugo
  • Rick Howland as Kenny
  • Bobby Manning as Barber #2
  • Rolando Alvarez Giacoman as Barber #1
  • Thomas Michael as Toy Soldier
  • Ren Olivieri as Officer O'Riley


  • Eleanore Lindo


  • Michael A. Simpson
  • Rick Bitzelberger

Christmas Trade

Christmas Trade is among the best Christmas movies on YouTube and features the story of Mitchell Taylor has an obnoxious boss who asks more of this time. Robbie, his son, has a bully to deal with at school and he has not completely gotten out from the recent death of his mom. Robbie requires his dad who is preoccupied and distant no matter how hard he makes sure to take out more attention and time for his son. When it comes to the acting, the actors win the hearts. However, there are no twists and turns which makes the audience happy about the movie see coming. If you need to spend some time with family on this holiday, this hallmark Christmas movies on YouTube will be the right choice.

Christams Trade: free christmas movies on youtube


  • William Baldwin as Mitch Taylor
  • Denise Richards as Chloe
  • Michael Campion as Robbie Taylor
  • Tom Arnold as Gus
  • Jennifer Grant as Trish
  • Desiree Abeyta as Trudy
  • Anne Stedman as Harper Shaw
  • Victor Browne as Milton Green(as Victor Brown)
  • Amanda Conlon as Mrs. Brewer
  • Camryn Sutton as Amelia
  • Shawn Huff as Dianne
  • Doug Bilitch as Kettering
  • Montana Marks as Bailey
  • Brent Huff as Billings
  • Francesca Manzi as Davis
  • Morissa O'Mara as Jewelry Clerk
  • Carly Dy as Olivia(as Carly Peeters)


  • Joel Souza


  • Joel Souza


  • 1 hour 39 minutes

Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe

In the Christmas movies YouTube Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe, Mary Class (daughter to Santa Claus) is at the peak of her professional carrier when her father’s crisis forces her to come back home to save Christmas. She comes to Polaris to find out that not only has Santa abandoned his responsibilities, but Teri (a sketchy newcomer) has taken up the work to make some alterations in his absence. Desperate to save Christmas for the children and doubtful of Teri’s true intentions, Mary makes an attempt to get things back to normal, but she finds her efforts thrown away at every step Teri.

youtube free christmas movies: Santa Baby


  • Mig Macario as Sandy
  • Jenny McCarthy as Mary Class
  • Lorette Clow as Stuck Up Woman
  • Dean McDermott as Luke Jessup
  • Kris Holden-Ried as Colin Nottingham
  • Holly Emmerson as Young Woman
  • Paul Sorvino as Santa Claus
  • Brendan Hunter as Announcer
  • Kelly Stables as Teri
  • Gabe Khouth as Skip the Elf
  • Rohan Campbell as Young Luke
  • Amelia Rose Kohan as Young Mary
  • Paxton Cote as Freckle Boy
  • Peter Skagen as Worst Department Store Santa Ever
  • Richard Side as Gary the Elf
  • Lynne Griffin as Mrs. Claus
  • Jessica Parker Kennedy as Lucy the Elf
  • James Higuchi as Dave the Elf

Production companies

  • Alberta Film Entertainment
  • Well Done Productions


  • Ron Underwood


  • Garrett Frawley
  • Brian Turner


  • 1 hour 20 minutes

Christmas Candle

Being one of the best YouTube Hallmark Christmas movies, the movie is about the time when engine-powered cars and electric lighting are taking place in Gladbury (a small English village). David Richmond is the main character of the movie who remains a man dedicated to serving mankind, but his unsettled faith makes him unenthusiastic to take to a pulpit offered by Gladbury and leave his charitable work in London. In the meanwhile, the Haddington await the arrival of the angel. How the story proceeds are what Christmas Candle is all about.

Christmas Candle: hallmark christmas movies youtube


  • Samantha Barks as Emily Barstow
  • Hans Matheson as David Richmond
  • Sylvester McCoy as Edward Haddington
  • Lesley Manville as Bea Haddington
  • Susan Boyle as Eleanor Hopewell
  • James Cosmo as Herbert Hopewell
  • John Hannah as William Barstow
  • Barbara Flynn as Lady Camdon
  • Morgan Jones as Phineas Barber
  • Jude Wright as Charlie Barstow
  • Tim Barlow as Oliver Barber
  • Alice Bonifacio as Delilah Barber
  • Patricia England as Mrs. Chumley
  • Beatrice Curnew as Agnes Chumley
  • Edward Gower as Mr. Finch
  • Tessa Bell-Briggs as Widow Leonard
  • Nigel Betts as Dr. Clem
  • Grace Vallorani as Mrs. Finch


  • John Stephenson


  • Max Lucado
  • Candace Lee
  • Eric Newman

Production companies

  • Pinewood Studios
  • Big Book Media
  • Impact Productions


  • 1 hour 40 minutes

How do I watch Hallmark Christmas movies on Amazon Prime?

Specific Hallmark films are accessible on Prime Video for streaming. Users need to subscribe to Hallmark Movies Now, which is the listed Prime Video channel, and can have hands on more than 1,000 hours of original Hallmark movies.

What are the top 10 Christmas movies 2021?

Below are the top Christmas movies 2021

  1. Home Alone
  2. Elf
  3. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch
  4. Klaus
  5. Mickey’s Christmas Carol
  6. Frozen
  7. A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa
  8. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey
  9. Arthur Christmas
  10. The Snowman

What Christmas movies can I watch for free on YouTube?

Below are some of the best classic and free Christmas movies on YouTube that users can watch on YouTube right now:

  • A smoky mountain Christmas.
  • The nutcracker 1990.
  • A Christmas story.
  • Ernest saves Christmas.
  • On the second day of Christmas.
  • Richie Rich's Christmas wish.
  • A Christmas Carol.
  • Santa Who?


Lon story short, we just had a look at the best YouTube Christmas movies that you can watch with your family during the forthcoming Christmas season. So, plan your holidays accordingly to watch these movies. In the meanwhile, the Christmas gifts ideas will help you to the coming Christmas holiday.

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