Top 6 Windows Media Player You Shall Try

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Windows Media Player comes pre-installed in the legitimate version of different versions of Windows. You can use it to view videos and play different song tracks on your device. In case you have uninstalled the program, you can get a windows media player download from the official Microsoft Website. In case you want a Windows Media Player update, then click here.

No doubt, the interface is simple, but the player has limited functionality. The player doesn’t work smoothly with a slow DSL connection. Moreover, there are few keyboard shortcuts available in the player, which reduces its flexibility. So, here we have listed the top media players that come with tons of features and allow you to enjoy your favourite videos and audios.

Best media players for Windows 10

DVDFab Player 6

dvdfab-player-6Well, DVDFab Player 6 is the best media player for Windows 10. Besides playing all the videos on your local storage, it organizes all your titles in a streamlined fashion. You can manage all your media files under one roof without any unnecessary hassle. The latest version comes loaded with all the features that were in its predecessor. With this tool, you can play almost every video format without any codec issue. The tool offers you two customized modes, namely, PC mode and TV mode, to view your media files. With PC mode, you can have an immersive experience on your PC and laptop screen. On the other hand, TV mode will allow you to have a superlative, in-cinema experience on your TV and enjoy your favorite movie in your custom settings.

Moreover, you can organize your music library with a few clicks of your mouse. Just add your songs to the player and use the pre-defined filter to refine the whole list according to your wish.


  • The tool downloads all the metadata of your media files automatically so that you have a superior experience while playing your files.
  • You can import the media file from your Blu-ray Disc and DVD to the local storage with a single click.
  • Create a custom playlist of your favorite songs and enjoy better management.


  • Interactive interface with user-friendly controls
  • Streamlined organization of media files


  • No 3D playback in the free version

VLC Media Player


VLC is another top video player for Windows 10. With this player on your side, you can play all the video formats and enjoy a superb experience. The media player is extremely versatile and provides tons of tools to control different aspects of the video. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can change any aspect and customize the settings according to your preference.


  1. The player supports DivX and MPEG streaming, and you can view the media file while it is downloading.
  2. You can play the zip files without unpacking them through any tool.
  3. You can increase the volume of the video up to 200% in case the audio is too low to listen properly.
  4. You can play multiple files in a sequence which comes in handy if you have downloaded a movie in parts.


  • A solid support of plugins
  • Plays every video format
  • Several tools for customization of the video


  • Requires prior knowledge to use advanced tools


5k player

5KPlayer not only allows you to watch your videos but also helps you manage your library properly. All you need is to add your library from the local storage to the player, and then you can select any file within the player without searching it on your PC. You get full support for several video formats. On top of that, you can even stream videos directly from YouTube without any unnecessary hassle.


  1. You get support for DLNA Wireless Stream with this best video player for Windows 10.
  2. You can also convert the video to MP3 format after downloading the video from the internet.
  3. The player also offers an in-built radio player to listen to the satellite radio channels.


  • The player is totally free
  • Full support to media files with 8K resolution


  • Ads can irritate while using the player

GOM Player


If you are looking for a powerful free video player for Windows 10 then you can opt for the GOM player. Besides handling 360 degree and 8K videos, the player offers tons of advanced functionality. The interface is quite user-friendly as compared to the other options available in the market. Anyone can use the tools and change the settings easily without any complex process. You can customize the skin of the player according to your preference.


  1. The GOM player supports synchronous subtitles, which enhances your viewing experience.
  2. You can play videos directly from Youtube without any unnecessary hassle.
  3. You get an in-built codec finder which further provides more control in your hands.


  • Support to a wide range of video formats
  • No irritating ads
  • Automatic subtitle syncing


  • Unwanted programs in the whole bundle


power dvd

Power DVD is one of the most versatile media player for Windows 10. Besides providing support for 8K and Blu-Ray format, you can play most of the video formats smoothly on the player. You can manage your entire media collection with the player. Just add your libraries to the player, and then you can find everything under one roof.

Moreover, you can create your digital hub with the payer and share all the entertainment files between your devices. You can access the cloud and watch your content from any device.


  1. You can organize everything in the player with minimum effort.
  2. Besides watching your favorite videos on YouTUbe directly from the player, you can download them for offline usage.
  3. Experience enhanced audio quality with Dolby Digital Surround and Hi-Res Audio support up to 7.1 channels.
  4. The player provides support of 10 languages which elevates the player’s versatility.


  • Offers resume playback feature
  • Easy and quick organization of all the libraries
  • Smooth video casting


  • Higher price than the other competitors


pot player

Designed by the same team of KMPlayer, PotPlayer is a powerful video player for Windows 10 that not only supports various video formats but also optimizes your videos for different output devices. In case you run a file with a format that is not supported by the player, then it will automatically download the required codecs to download it.

With PotPlayer, you get added support from the in-built screen recorder and video editor. You can record your device’s screen to create tutorials and other projects without downloading any extra software. You can use the video editor to edit the videos quickly. PotPlayer allows you to customize its appearance and change the skin according to your preferred choice.


  1. Full control over video editing with an in-built powerful video editor. You can add several unique effects and change different aspects of the video to customize it.
  2. The player offers automatic syncing of subtitles for an enhanced viewing experience.
  3. You get the live streaming feature in the in-built screen recorder of the player.


  • Supports several video formats
  • Lightweight software


  • A little challenging to find advanced features


Here is the list of top media players that will enhance your viewing experience. Besides Windows 10 media player, you can download anyone to your PC and enjoy its perks. All the players have their unique features, so go through the whole list before funnelling down your choice.

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