Top 7 Best VTuber Software for You

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Choosing the right Vtuber software will be helpful for you to become a Vtuber. A Vtuber is a person who invents anime personalities and applies them in their videos. They're usually called "Vloggers," but that's what most people think of when they hear the word 'YouTube.' Do you want to know how you can become one? A lot like any other job out there, it starts with finding your Passion. The term "Vtuber" is a modern one that has been earning a reputation. Virtual YouTubers are people who develop and post content online.

In this blog, you will learn what is a vtuber software, how does it work, and what are the best vtuber software for you. We've found the best video editors for professionals in every level of experience: beginners through intermediates.

The Top 7 Best VTuber Software for You in 2022


Price: $2.99

In your journey of becoming a Vtuber, you certainly must have heard the name of the software "Wakaru." It is an essential and easy-to-use software with multiple features for Windows OS.

vtuber software Wakaru


  • When used, there's no need to install VR devices or other kits.
  • Just install the webcam on any PC or laptop to start making videos.
  • The best way to get into VR is by using a video editing tool like Wakaru.
  • This software offers all the features you need, including eye, mouth, and head pose capture.
  • It also tracks gestures, facial expressions, and perfect motions in your videos.


  • It has an easy yet attractive user interface.
  • You can use it without any internet connection.
  • You will enjoy its uses for both ebooks and texts.


  • You may lose your data in sudden crashes.

Facerig - 2d Vtuber Software

Price: $14.99

Facerig is a fantastic software to use if you want to make virtual reality videos without having VR kits. It has all the features that are necessary for making these types of videos.

It offers the following features in payable cost;

  • Ready-to-use digital cosplay
  • Real-time voice processing
  • Excellent render character
  • Customizing tools

vtuber software Facerig


  • It doesn't allow users to do anything besides their face because it mainly converges on your face.
  • The Facerig for Vtubers is the perfect software to help you create your stunning videos.
  • Live 2D technology recently updated with Cubism 3.0 capabilities enables creators like us to create video series in stunning detail.


  • It is the best choice to create high-quality videos.
  • There is excellent voice processing.


  • There are no downsides to this software.

Hyprmeet: Vtuber Software Free of Cost

Price: Free

Hyprmeet is a solid virtual reality video creation tool for YouTube to customize your anime characters and make VR calls with friends. The current version of it has some bugs that need fixing before its final release later.

free vtuber software Hyprmeet


  • The best thing about this software is how simple it can be.
  • With Hyprmeet, you don't have to worry about compatibility or which operating system your computer runs on because they offer both Mac and Windows versions.
  • This will make starting a YouTube channel easier than ever before.


  • The app has an institutional user interface.
  • It is easily affordable.


  • You may face lagging issues at high-quality processing.

Live3D Vtuber Maker: Best Vtuber Software

Price: $5

Live3D Vtuber Maker is the perfect place for any anime fan looking to make their video series. It offers an immense variety of features, including customizable panels that allow you to appear attractive and real with motion tracking audio base lip-sync or cute avatars.

3d vtuber software live3d vtuber maker


  • Live3D's Vtuber Maker is a comprehensive and affordable virtual reality video creation suite for YouTube.
  • The $69 subscription fee includes the ability to customize your character.
  • It adjusts parameters such as skin color or facial features with ease, all in an immersive 3D setting.


  • It is the best solution to customize your anime character.
  • You will enjoy its uses for virtual reality videos.


  • It does not have good tracking quality.

Vtube Studio: Free Vtuber Software

Price: Free

Vtube Studio is a new software that uses the latest technology to allow you, as an aspiring Vtuber. It's available for free on iOS and Android platforms.

free vtuber software vtube studio


  • With only one camera phone, create stunning 2D animated clips.
  • You can quickly track your face and live your Live2D cubism character.


  • It is the best choice for all beginners.
  • The software has a user-friendly interface and descriptive options.
  • It is the best vtuber software free.


  • You cannot use it to track your eye movement.


Price: $25

Using a simple web browser and webcam, you can become the next YouTube star with Face Vtuber. The developer has designed it specifically for Japanese speakers. Still, most people will resist using this in their native language after getting used to how intuitive everything looks.

vtuber software FaceVtuber


  • This is an app that runs through any computer to power your video clips of vlogs or videos.
  • It is an interestingly simple tool to shoot videos.


  • It can work using any web browser.
  • The software supports MMD, FBX format, and VRM, 3D formats.
  • It is security software for new arrivals.


  • It just supports a Japanese-based interface.

VRoid: 3d Vtuber Software

Price: $0.75

VRoid is a 3D anime character creator tool - it also makes up the useful Vtuber software for beginners and bests. Interestingly, VRoid has many solutions for every type of YouTube star.

3d vtuber software VRoid studio


  • It's available on mobile devices or PCs in both Android versions as well Windows operating system platforms.
  • It has an intuitive user interface.
  • It allows users to customize their characters.


  • The software gives a lot of anime creation support.
  • You can use it on any mobile or PC.


  • Sometimes you may face slow support problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a Vtuber?

Become an anime character today with the help of VRoid Studio! Choose your model and design skills. A 3D character creator program like VRoid is perfect for making all different characters look just as you want them to. They provide many tools that will make sure it matches up perfectly with the scenario.

Using VRoid studio, you can create dynamic 3D models and bring them to life with Blender. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach: download clothes from the Booth for your virtual character.

How does Vtuber software work?

  • Get a Face/Hand Tracking Software

Getting the perfect look is all about knowing your model and getting software that can track their facial expression and movements—apps like 3Tene show ideal performance movement and expression tracking. You need to download them on steam. There's a Leap Motion Sensor device for hand tracking purposes. It has an ergonomic design for the convenience of users during shooting VR videos.

  • Get Unity3D

Unity and VR Chat make it easy for you to stream your videos in virtual reality. You can do this by downloading the Unity3D software, then installing an add-on that will enable YouTube combination.

  • Use a Vtuber Software and a Video Editor

Virtual YouTubers are using more and more virtual reality to make YouTube videos. To help these users, software developers came up with user-friendly solutions. It will allow them to make a perfect VR experience for their viewers. With these virtual videos, you can edit and add effects to produce a professional-looking product on your time.

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