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VR games or Virtually Games is the latest technology in the gaming world that brings gaming excitement to a higher level. With the best VR games, the new generation has been equipped with technologically improvised gaming experiences. This article will cover the insights into VR games and some interesting VR games with their features.

VR games or Virtual Reality games are another outcomes of the dedication and innovation of technological evolution. The fast-changing technology and its advancement made life easier. In VR games, the players will experience the latest gaming accessories, including a head-mounted set, censoring gloves, hand controllers, and many more. The best VR games will extend you to another level of gaming that virtually connects with the players, the storylines, the battlefields, etc., and open an entirely new world to you.

Virtual Reality is a lot more to offer to gamers, and we reveal it slowly in this article.

The best VR games can be played with specialized systems or game consoles, or you can use a next-generation PC or laptop configured with the VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Fun VR Games: Compatible Devices

You can use different devices to play VR games, and it depends on whether you are playing solo or with multiplayer. Several VR games include a physical combat environment and other aggressive games like Racing cars and acrobatic flying. In the new VR games, players need to go through several situations like solving problems or moving objects, or exploring new things or places.

Here is the list of devices on which you can play good VR games:

VR games on Game Console: Game consoles like Playstation VR Headset leading console in VR games. The VR games on the game console are similar to the PC that provides more varieties with more options.

On PC or Laptops: PC or laptops with the new generation configuration allow you to select a wide range of varieties of playing objects. In 2021, the most highly in-demand VR headsets for PCs and laptops are Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

VR on Smartphone: The most exciting smartphone VR headset is Samsung Gear VR. The smartphone brands are busy making the VR smartphone version more attractive by adding VR, AR, and MR technologies.

Accessories that Excited You

The gaming accessories always bring excitement to the players. In VR games, the excitement becomes double because of its unique head-mounted accessory to play. From the first-person perspective, the VR games and their thrilling excitement lies when the player discovers the actions, the movements from far or near or behind, everything so close to his eyes.

Let’s check what kinds of gaming accessories are available with the game:

VR head-mounted set and Goggles: The foremost accessory in VR games is the head-mounted set that helps you immerse into the game. Motion control headsets and goggles with 3D gaming technology are always preferable for high-end advanced gamers.

Game Controllers: To accommodate your move into the game, the game controllers control your physical command into the game. With their hand-based controllers like a joystick, gamepad, or hand gloves, the game controllers help the gamer send the command to the game. The game controllers even control your motion like walking, throwing and reutilize them within the game.

Gaming Gloves: The gloves can sense VR motion detectors and help get into the game's object.

The VR games accessories can be uniquely new to beginners, and it will take time to be equipped with their functions. Till then, keep playing!

The Best VR Games 2021: Select and Play

Half-Life Alyx

VR Gaes: Half Life Alyx

Valve developed and published Half-Alyx. Half-Life Alyx is the most discussed VR game on the internet in 2021 among gamers. It's a first-person perspective shooting game that you can play solo or with multiplayer. Developed with excellent graphics, the story of the game won the hearts of gamers worldwide. As Alyx, you play the lead role and save city 17 from the unwanted invaders. Alyx Vance is a favorite character among VR gamers.

The Features of Half-Alyx

  • It’s a first-person survival game.
  • VR games headsets like Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, Valve index, and Windows host the game.
  • In this game, the players can use virtual reality weapons like gravity guns, gravity gloves to control the game, and VR controllers equipped with physical motions.
  • The StreamVR library supports the Half-Alyx VR games.

Price: $59.99


  • It has the best virtual graphic
  • It allows players to accommodate the characters inside the game
  • The gaming structure is challenging for the players and is full of mysterious difficulties yet puzzling.


  • To play the game, you need an expensive PC.
  • Sometimes the soundtrack is getting off.

No Man's Sky VR

No Man’s Sky VR: VR Games

No Man’s Sky is a multiplayer game that got released in 2019. Initially, the game was not accepted by the mass gamers, but later, the updated version made changes, and now it's one of the top VR games available with VR devices. A 30-hours narrative storyline depicts the game that includes ancient civilization, aliens, caves, solving various mysteries, etc. No Man’s Sky can break the monotonous racing game and helps players to refresh their moods and playing attitude.

The Features of No Man’s Sky

  • The players can explore civilization and its relevant bases and other things
  • Players can play the game with a motion controller, a gamepad with a keyboard, with the latest PC.
  • The game is flexible to adjust snap turning and teleportation
  • It is a multiplayer game

Price: $60 on PC; $50 on Xbox and Playstation 4


  • The exploration game filled with exciting rewards
  • It supports PS4 and Xbox


  • Motion-sickness players feel difficult to play till the end
  • An earlier version was not up to the mark

Iron Man

Iron Man: Best VR Games

The game was developed by American studio Camouflage and supported Playstation VR in July last year. It's a replica of the original Iron Man movie series. The VR technology landed you in the world of Tony Stark and his special ability to fight with his enemies. The player can control his moves, weapons, combat style, and especially his iron man suits.

The Features of Iron Man VR

  • The players can engage in deactivating explosives, repairing damaged items, and fighting with the enemies.
  • The player can fly anywhere and encounter his enemies.
  • Playstation supports the move controllers used to check and control Iron-man’s palm-mounted weapons and fighter Jet stabilizer.
  • Players can change the suit.

Price: $350


  • It's a high-end combat VR game
  • Customized suit selection options


  • The price is a bit high
  • The game is only supportive to the VR platforms

Minecraft VR

free vr games: Minecraft VR

Minecraft can be played solo and crafted by your civilization after mining. It’s a solo as well as played by multi-players. This virtual reality game is ideal for students and kids who can enjoy making building blocks, houses, playgrounds, whatever they want to build. The game is supported on the computer and PlayStation 3 & 4, Vita, Wii U, Xbox 30, and One. Minecraft VR is one of the best free VR games to download.

The Features of Minecraft VR

  • It’s a task game that can be played in multiplayer mode, 3D Audio and VR turing, etc
  • The game supports a mouse, gamepad, and keyboard
  • The game supports multiple languages like French, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish
  • There is no story in this game, and even no characters to play

Price: It’s a Free game


  • It’s a creative game that supports and encourage innovative ideas and concepts
  • The game is compatible with Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and Rift S


  • Can feel bored after some time as there is no thrilling feeling
  • It does not fall into any specific genre game

The Forest

The Foerst: vr games free

Inspired by the classic movie The Descent and Cannibal Holocaust, the game sold more than five million copies after its release in 2018. The first-person game is super thrilled and filled with adventurous elements as the player must know how to survive inside the forest. Players can face challenges in every step. Eric LeBlanc landed in a forest, survived a plane crash. The dangerous woodland throws difficulties which he has to survive.

The Features of The Forest

  • It’s a super adventure game
  • The players can customize the structures of several items available in the forest
  • In this game, player’s health, thirst level, physical strength, and stamina indicated

Price: $20


  • The compatible game devices are HTC Vive, Oculus Rift.
  • An extremely adventurous game that requires quick wit, physical strength, and a creative mind to survive a hard situation


  • Less supports VR environments
  • Less compatible devices

All these VR fun games help you pass your time, learn gaming techniques and win the match.

FAQ: What are Your Queries?

Name a few free VR games?

7 The Red Stare, 8 VR Chat, 5 Rec Room, 10 Echo VR are a few VR games free available.

What are new VR games?

Lone Echo ll, Fracked, Sniper Elite VR are the few names of new VR games.

What are upcoming VR games?

Sushi Ben VR and Arcade Legend are in the queue of upcoming VR games.

Closing Words

VR games are not new in the gaming world. But the game developers are trying their best to reach the best VR games to a higher level with technological advancement and with the help of artificial intelligence. The environment of top VR games, the devices, and the narrative updates following the routines. But the gamers feel bored playing the same game after a few days. So demand is huge, and there must be supply to keep it in a balanced condition.

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