8 Best Sports News Websites to Follow

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The news and sports websites designed particularly for the sports news make it simple to stream sports online. Paying for another service is not a suitable suggestion, especially when someone doesn't have time and budget to focus on numerous sport's sets. So, we decided to make it more helpful while enlisting some free sport news websites with their specialties and advantages and disadvantages.

Go through here to check the list of sports news websites to follow this year.

8 Best Sports News Websites to Follow in 2021

1- Fox Sports

This website was launched in 2012. It comes as a second source for cable and satellite clients to broadcast sports from anywhere in the world. Since 2019, it has been offering a local sport system. Moreover, it also supports Fox Sports Midwest, YES Network, and Prime Ticket. This website will let you access the big ten, fox deportes, fox, college sports regional networks, fs1, fs2, etc.

one of the sports news websites fox sports


  • Fox Sports is a free-of-cost service, but users have to sign in by their T.V. provider to get the streams.
  • It is the best service if you use a T.V. supplier with one of the necessary networks to get prompt access to live streams on your telephone or browser.


  • Its split-screen function will offer to view more than four games at one time. It supports the device switching experience.
  • The website has an easy-to-navigate interface.


  • The users may get irritated by the annoying ads.
  • You have to create an account with a provider to access streaming.
  • It has country restrictions.


If someone is looking for the best alternative to cable services, he must look at ESPN's website streaming services. It offers a response of excellent sports content like live matches, analysis videos, and highlights. The website mostly supports American sports, including basketball, American football, baseball, etc. Moreover, it will let you access MMA and soccer. However, you must have a subscription for live matchups.

one of the best sports news websites espn


  • You will enjoy highlights and analysis videos free of cost.
  • The users can also use their active T.V./cable subscription to sign in or buy a streaming subscription from this website.
  • It will work on computers, Macs, Android devices, and iPhones. So, you can easilywatch your desired sports on any device.


  • It is the best source to enjoy great coverage of American sports.
  • There is a wide board of reporters and sports forecasters.
  • It is ads-free and has an attractive and smooth user interface.


  • It needs a subscription to watch live matches.
  • You have to use a VPN for unsupported regions.

3- NBC Sports

This is from the top sports broadcasters in America. NBC provides live streaming support of matches on its website and application. Most famous personalities like Rich Eisen and Dan Patrick host their webinar, vlog, and talk shows on NBC.

one of these top sports news websites nbc sports


  • The website will let you watchgolf, soccer, rugby, and cycling as well as traditional American sports.
  • It will need a subscription from the users to watch live content.
  • However, you can enjoy live matches without paying anything using T.V. services like dish, Verizon, spectrum, cable one, etc.


  • The website supports a wide range of sports-based content.
  • You will find it with an amazing user interface.
  • Here, you will also get live match timings and scores.


  • You cannot enjoy live matches without a subscription.
  • The app does not have effective searching support.

4- BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer will support you to enjoy ad-free games from the U.K. The users can also get the streams via VPN to connect to a U.K.-based server from their region. After accessing the streaming service, the website will let you enjoy live sports via the iPlayer interface. This iPlayer will support you to stream football, golf, cricket, cycling, basketball, and soccer. Its 4K streaming support option has limitations.

news and sports websites bbc iplayer


  • The website will support you to stream the material in H.D. if recorded in the same quality.
  • There's an option for 4K streaming, but this is limited to select streams through the iPlayer.


  • The app is free from ad irritation.
  • It supports an exhaustive list of available platforms.


  • It is only accessible in the U.K.
  • You may face problems in constant high-definition quality streaming content in poor internet connection.

5- SonyLIV

SonyLIV is the best choice for those who want to watch soccer games. Sony supports this best streaming service. It will offer you free high-definition quality sports streaming choices. The website will let you stream tennis, cricket, UFC, MotoGP, WWE, and the NBAvia SonyLIV.

fantasy sports news websites sonyliv


  • The website will work on P.C., android, and IOS devices. However, you can also utilize its supported app.
  • You can also use a VPN if it is not accessible in your region.


  • The website supports easy to navigate user interface.
  • It also offers you its android and IOS app.
  • There will be a live scoreboard.


  • Mostly, it supports the Indian language, so you may have understanding issues if you don't know it.
  • It is not openly accessible.

6- Hotstar - One of the Best Sports News Websites

Here is an amazing service by the Star network. This will let you view all sports enclosed by Star. Sometimes you will enjoy free live streaming of matches. However, you have to bear the ads during this streaming. But if you have a Hotstar subscription, you don't have to compromise on watching or skipping ads.

good sports news websites hotstar


  • The users can view all sports, including cricket, tennis, the EPL, and different Indian sports leagues like the Indian Super League and the Premier Badminton League, etc.
  • The Hotstar subscription is not expensive and is available at different rates.
  • Moreover, Hotstar has a wide collection of T.V. shows and movies involved in the subscription.


  • The website offers a huge list of sports that you can choose from according to your favorites.


  • Live streaming may be interrupted by the ads.
  • It does not support open region accessibility.


Suppose you are looking for a great sports news website; warmly welcome DAZN. It is just dedicated to sports streaming. The website does not have any integration with any main cable broadcaster. However, it concentrates on the UFC. Presently, DAZN includes more than 8000 yearly sport events, including spanning football, American football, darts, and the WWE. When the services were launched, they only supported Japan and Australia. However, now it is serving in up to 200 countries. If you want to stream free sports online, you can click on the website.

sports news websites best dazn


  • At registration, you will enjoy a one-month free subscription.
  • However, it will also return money if you want to cancel your subscription.
  • The website supports numerous devices and consoles.


  • The website comes with a clean and smooth interface.
  • It offers good choices for boxing and MMA.
  • You will enjoy worldwide coverage support.


  • It demands a subscription after one month of free use.
  • It also does not have fast customer service.

8- RedBull T.V.

RedBull T.V. is the best choice for those who like adventure sports. It is from the most reliable brands in sports such as surfing, motor racing, snowboarding, skating, and many more. You will enjoy numerous free live streaming events. The website does not need any registration to watch matches. Moreover, you will also get a host of information on various sports, players, and upcoming events here.

sports news websites redbull.tv


  • RedBull T.V. is the best pickup for adventure sports fans to get updates of their matches.
  • Virtually, you can use it on any device like Apple T.V., Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or the Oculus headsets.


  • It is the best adventure sports website streaming service.
  • There are no requirements to create an account for free sports watching.
  • You can also use it to get exciting information about players and sports.


  • It does not support mainstream sports coverage.


While using any website for sports news, you should ensure the legality of your country's free streaming sports laws. It depends on different factors and varies from country to country. However, it may also depend on the website nature that you will use. Broadcasting live events using official applications like Fox Sports is generally legal. At the same time, some other websites, such as 123TV, USTVGO, etc., are illegal. Moreover, you can also get help from our pickups. Here we have included all official websites that are purely legal.

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