How to Send Large Files Over The Internet 2021

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How can I send a file that is too large? What is the best way to send large files over the internet free? Which is the best way to send large video files? Today, the internet is not a luxury but a necessity. People are sharing their data over the internet. However, sometimes, when it comes to sending large video files or other large data files, we have to look for some options. Here in this article, we have discussed the best ways to send large files. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the option and get into their details.

Top Ways to Send Large Files over the Internet


ways to send large files

When it comes to sending large files that cannot be sent via email, DropSend is the best way to send large files over the internet for free. The online tool is a reliable platform that supports Android and iOS devices. You can send files up to 8GB with this tool, and it supports different formats. The best thing about the platform is that the recipients of the file do not need to install any other additional software or even create an account with the platform. You can manage the files without even stressing about the OS.


  1. The platform is pretty simple to use, and you can get well-versed with the elements quickly without any unnecessary hassle.
  2. The files sent through the platform are protected with 256 AES High-Level Encryption. In simple words, it means that the key to encrypt your data is 256 characters long. On top of that, you can even add a password to the files you are sending to the receiver to further elevate the security level.
  3. You can enjoy the online storage of DropSend and backup all your files in a secured hard drive in the cloud. You can access them anytime, anywhere.


  • Supports various file formats
  • Easy online backups
  • Support of group file sharing

Con: For renaming, you have to re-upload the file


send large files using wetransfer

How to send large video files? If you are stressing over the question, then WeTransfer is here to the rescue. Launched in 2009, the tool allows you to send files up to 2GB over the internet for free. You can increase the limit to 20 GB in one go with the Pro version. The recipient has to download the shared file within seven days of getting that file in the free version. This limitation is not present if you upgrade to the Pro version of the platform. You can opt for monthly or annually billing according to your preference.


  1. The platform is simple and user-friendly. You can send the files over the internet through WeTransfoer without even signing up with it.
  2. The sender gets the notification email once the recipient has downloaded the shared files.
  3. There are three plans for the platform that you can choose according to your needs. Every plan has its own perks that you can enjoy by paying the fee.


  • Simple and clutter-free interface
  • Send files via email or file link
  • Send files up to 2GB for free over the internet

Cons: Password protection and encryption comes only with the paid version

Google Drive: send large files

Being the top file storage provider by Google, it is the best way to send large files, be it audio or video files. Since it is easy to use and offers free storage of 15GB which means you can easily send large files for free on the internet. Still, thinking about how to send large files over the internet? Well, you can just upload the file on Google Drive and share it as a link with anyone. The total storage of 750GB a day is extendable via different paid plans with a full 5TB file limit. If you want to share large files over the internet, do not miss out on this ready app. Of course, it is also the best way to send large video files.


  1. It offers excellent storage is considered the best way to send large files over the internet for free.
  2. It shows several privacy settings for all the folders and files of up to 30TB.
  3. Google Drive is a great cloud storage tool synchronized with all the Google products.
  4. Paid plans are completely optional.
  5. Comes with amazing offline capabilities.
  6. It is completely compatible with Windows as well as iOS tablets and smartphones.


  • Up to 15GB data storage to send large files free
  • Hassle-free sharing in one click
  • Easy accessibility
  • Full Compatibility

Con: A Google account login required

Reliable Email Service

email service

Looking for solutions to how to send large files via email? If yes, we are here to help you to send large files email. Using this, you can easily share large video files, audio files, documents, or any files in a jiffy. There are different email service providers such as Google, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. These three are the most commonly used in the market. Sending files via email service just requires a couple of minutes and is considered the fastest method to share large files without facing any troubles.


  1. Gmail: With a strict 25MB sending limit, you can easily share large files as attachments. Further, you can share the Google drive link if the file size exceeds the set limit. In this case, the recipient just needs to click the file attachment for accessing its contents.
  2. Yahoo: With a 25MB sending limit, you can send large files in no time as attachments. You can also send bigger files using DropBox or any other cloud service link. The recipient should just click on the sent file attachment for viewing the file contents.
  3. Outlook: It shares files of up to 33MB in an email as attachments. For further, one can easily share OneDrive links of files in the email. The recipient can easily click on the file attachment for accessing the contents.


  • Email helps to send large files for free
  • Easy accessibility
  • Full Compatibility
  • Quick one-click sharing


  • Respective email account creation required
  • Yahoo is less user friendly than others

Final Verdict

These are the top ways to send large files over the internet. Go through the whole list and choose the option that suits your requirements. All the options have the free version, but if you want to remove the limitations that you have to upgrade to the paid version of the tools. In the future, we'll also discuss how to send large video files from iPhone in detail. By the way, if you want to send large files over the internet, you might need to know the best free encryption software to fulfill your task in case of data loss.

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