How to Get Peacock on Vizio Smart TV?

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Peacock is NBC’s streaming service that offers gazillions of shows like The Office, Saturday Night Live and other talented content off of their production. Peacock is an amazing platform as it’s free but in a limited manner. If people want to access the content off of the platform, all you need to do is register on Peacock’s official platform by keying in your sign in details. After that, you can access all the content off of the platform. But it will only provide you access to some content off of the platform. To access more, you have to sign in with a premium account, it is available in two tiers on Peacock. One will be with ads and the other will be without ads.

This shall be the unlimited array of content peacock offers. Now, we shall discuss accessing Peacock on your Vizio Smart TV. So, how does one access on Vizio smart TV? Please, do not worry, we will sequentially tell you the exact steps to do that. Just make sure you can do all of these steps correctly. So let’s discuss some basics of Peacock before diving into the important details.

What is Peacock?

The streaming wars are a raging sensation now. Peacock does not want to be left behind, at least not when so many streaming services are moving into the market. So, from an organizational point of view, Peacock started by offering streaming services through Hulu. They also tried a stint, where they gave off their comedy shows on a streaming platform called Sesso.

They created the platform for people who want to access comedic videos off of NBC releases. But, do know that Peacock is also entering the streaming wars with other streaming platforms at least in their quest to produce only web-based shows that are specifically designed to compete with the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu, their affiliate of early days.

Features of Peacock TV

Now the background of Peacock is known to us. Now let’s try to understand what Peacock offers at a very basic level. So, here Peacock TV stands out as it offers exemplary programs at no cost. Yes, their streaming charges are not required and you can access some of their top-notch content.

However, for any streaming service to subsist, they have to charge something. Nothing is off in the market. Especially in today’s time. Life is tough, so they do charge for delivering the premium services, the conditions are that either you can watch all content with ads or no ads. And, you have to pay for the services in that manner.

Peacock TV Subscription Plans

Now let’s discuss in brief the premium plans that Peacock TV offers. So Peacock TV offers you two types of streaming choices for you. In both cases, you get to access either all the content with ads or without ads. Now, the package that comes with ads has all the services, TV shows in all the languages precisely. Telemundo Spanish series, Premier league, you name it Peacock TV has it. But it has all ads, it will cost you a $4.99 subscription fee.

Now another option that one can avail when streaming is the without ads plan and they have an enormous array of content there. They do not provide everything without ads as per the feature, except for some sports shows as they have contracts with companies and have to abide by the contracts. The subscription fee for this plan is just $9.99.

What content does Peacock provide?

Now the great thing is Peacock has all the meat when it comes to content that is time immemorial. Especially series-based films or even famous movie titles, the list includes American Pie, Back to the Future, Despicable Me, Do the Right Thing, Erin Brockovich, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Evan Almighty, Field of Dreams, Jurassic Park, King Kong.

Now Peacock excels when it comes to shows. NBC is known to have produced some of the best shows in their time. You can watch amazing shows like American Ninja Warrior, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ellen’s Game of Games, Hollywood Game Night, Titan Games, and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. When you talk about all the recent shows NBC has produced, you can avail yourself of all of them. Some standouts are American Ninja Warrior, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ellen’s Game of Games, Hollywood Game Night, Titan Games, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

Where to watch Peacock TV?

Well, Peacock is on almost all the streaming platforms. One does not have to be worried about it much in terms of where you can watch it. If we start from a normal computer, you can stream Peacock TV through a good web browser like Safari, Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Apart from that, you can also watch Peacock on your gaming consoles on Playstation and Xbox sets.

Android enabled Smart TV will easily provide you with good access to Peacock. Apart from that, Vizio sets and even cable providers like Xfinity can provide you with Peacock streaming service. So, in total it’s available on most of the platforms after a long standoff with Roku even though they were available on their devices.

How to get Peacock on Vizio Smart TV?

Now after discussing all the list of services and the background of Peacock. Now let’s dive into the real question, How can we watch Peacock on our Vizio Smart TV sets? How to upgrade at Vizio? So, here is a list of steps and please try to do them sequentially. Make sure that you do as exactly said.

Peacock on Vizio Smart TV: Step-By-Step Guide

  • Turn on your Vizio smart tv first and then connect it to the internet.
  • Now all you need to do is turn on the ‘V’ button on your remote and this will open the bar where you can access all the apps.
  • Now all you need to do is select ‘Vizio Apps’ and select and navigate to all ‘apps section’.
  • Now all you need to do is navigate around the all apps section and then select ‘Peacock’ from the list of apps.
  • Now click on the install button to put Peacock on your Vizio smart TV set.
  • Now key in your credentials to sign in to Peacock.

Cast Peacock TV to Vizio Smart TV

The good thing is now Peacock TV also has a built-in chrome cast. So, you can easily cast Peacock to your Vizio smart TV through another computer-based device. So, here are the steps.

  • Now if you have chrome cast in Vizio then it's fine. But, if you have any older models, then you have to connect Vizio with a Chrome cast device.
  • Launch Peacock on your android or iOS device.
  • Now try watching your favorite shows on Peacock.
  • You have to make sure both your source and Vizio TV are in one common WiFi network.
  • Now you have to select the cast button that will be available right on your screen.
  • And, you will stream all the content playing on your device on your smart TV.

How to Download Movies and Shows from Peacock?

Peacock has a wide range of movies and shows that you can watch and enjoy. For any reason, if you think of downloading your favorite movies and shows from Peacock, how would you do it? That is what we are going to discuss.

One important reason people think of downloading their favorite shows and movies is that from Peacock or many other OTTs, some movies and shows are removed, and new ones are added. So, you never know when your favorite movies or shows are removed. So, downloading to make them available offline is the best thing you can do.

To download movies and shows from Peacock, Vidus Streaming Downloader software program is best in business which can effortlessly download any movie or show from Peacock in just a few clicks.

Best Features of Vidus Streaming Downloader

  1. Easy to Use Interface: The user interface of the downloader is quite neat and clean. Additionally, it is so easy to use that anyone can download movies using this.
  2. Download from all OTTs: It can download movies from almost all popular OTTs and streaming websites.
  3. Batch Download: You can download multiple videos at once at great downloading speed.
  4. Download Subtitles: It can download subtitles if you choose to.
  5. High Compatibility: Downloaded media files are in MP4 format which is highly compatible.
  6. Ad-free: Downloaded movies and shows are now ad-free.


Peacock is NBC’s best bet to dominate the streaming market. It has pitched in all that they have to compete with the likes of established streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. You can immerse yourself in all of Peacock’s content without having to pay, but that access will be limited. Just follow all the steps sequentially to watch Peacock on Vizio TV.

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