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An online video compressor-free app can reduce various file sizes, such as MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, AVI, and much more, which helps with saving disk space along with network bandwidth to transfer, store, and sharing data. Which is the best online video compressor? How do I compress a video to make it smaller online? These questions might have haunted you from time to time. No worries! You are in the right place since this post offers you the best options when it comes to compressing video file size. Let's dive right in.

1. Why Do You Need an Online Video Compressor Free App?

Videos grab more attention than pictures or text, and if you add a background video to your website, the website will look much more appealing and life-like.

On the other side, if your video takes ages to load, no matter how great or appealing it is, it will lead to a negative user experience. The primary task of a video compressor is to provide the detailing required after the format is changed.

Online Video Compressor

It doesn't matter how exciting or well-made your video is. You should always reduce it to a size that is easier to load; thus, here comes the role of the video side file compressor software or online apps.

2. Best Online Video Compressor to Reduce File Size

Below are some of the best online video compressors dedicated to reducing file size as desired.

DVDFab Online Video Converter [Best Option]

DVDFab contains a group of software tools committed to working on media conversion, compressing audio and video files, and much more. It has been in the software market for more than 17 years, whose video converter software is considered one of the best and trusted video compressing applications on the internet right now, with users up to 80 million and counting.

DVDFab Online Video Converter

To compress video files between different codecs, DVDFab Online Video Converter is undoubtedly one of the best video compressor free online app. You can easily compress huge files to your desired sizes in no time using this application. Without installation, 100% clean and safe, you can get your compressed file size in minute.

How to use DVDFab Online Video Converter?

  • Just click the Choose Files button to select your wanted files
  • Choose a target file format, file size and click the Convert button
  • Click the Download button to download the compressed files

Through this online video compressor is totally free of charge, it sets limit on file size.


Found in 2012, Clipchamp is a free online video compressor primarily created to make the video editing process easier for everyone. Besides, it works as a free video editor, video converter and webcam recorder to create fantastic videos.


This free video compressor online app allows the users to merge their videos, images, and audio files, add effects and texts and save their creations on their computers. It is super easy to use. Hence, beginners can use it too.

One can say that Clip Champ is one of the best video size compressors online because of its user-friendly interface and ability to compress large files into more manageable outcomes.

video compressor online: Clipchamp

How to use Clipchamp:

To access Clipchamp, users will have to create a free account on their website. Once signed up, the user can access the features for free. There are also many videos available on how to use the editor.


  • The user interference is very simple.


  • There are a few times where bugs will appear.
  • Advanced features need a subscription.


Online video conversion has never been more accessible. With various applications and sites available on the internet, anyone can alter the format, quality, and size of the media they would like to browse according to the requirements of the media player.

Online Convert: Online Video Compressor

If you have a 480p video, you can easily convert it to 1080p with any known converter, but we recommend using the DVDFab Video Converter, the most powerful desktop video compressor.

3. Best Video Compressor for Windows and macOS

Undoubtedly, DVDFab Video Converter is one of the best free video compressors for both Windows and Mac users. It has the most set of features when compared to other video compressors available on the internet.

Of course, when the internet connection is not friendly, you might as well turn to its desktop video compressor, DVDFab Video Converter, one of the best video converters, video editors and video compressors beyond expectation.

DVDFab Online Video Comoressor

Here are some amazing features of DVDFab Video Converter you should check before installing it.

  • Due to its faster speed (GPU H/W technologies) and more accessible interface, it is easier to convert large MP4 files quicker than any other converter. It supports more than 1000 video and audio file formats, enabling fast conversion between different formats.
  • It enables you to compress MP4 to any format you want and still has the best frame resolution, aspect ratio, encoding methods, and much more.
  • You can directly compress MP4 video to their mobile phone, tablets, iPad, etc., or share the compressed files on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and many other social media platforms and the internet.
  • This video compressor software allows for basic video editing such as trimming, cropping, merging, adding music/watermarks/subtitles, and adjusting brightness and saturation.
  • It can upscale video quality up to 300%, from 1080p to 4K without quality loss when working together with Enlarger AI.


  • It has a simple interface that makes it one of the best programs on the market.
  • Available on Windows and macOS, free download available

4. FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the best online video compressor.

What is the best online compressor?

After comparing all the video size compressors online above and a few that are not listed here, we found DVDFab Video Converter the best online video file compressor.

This is because of the brand's years of experience in the market and their wide variety of features, one of the best on the internet.

How can I compress a large video file online?

To convert large MP4 videos online, try these methods:

  • Convert large MP4 files into smaller formats like WMV, FLV, etc.
  • Compressing an MP4 file changes its parameters such as bit rate, frame rate, and resolution.
  • Another easy and simple way is to eliminate unnecessary bits of the videos, and cutting them out will reduce the file size.

What is the best video compressor for desktop users?

The best video compressor software free is DVDFab Video Converter. With 17 years of development experience in the market and up to 80 million online users, it offers around 50 updates per year.

How do I compress a 10 GB video?

By using the DVDFab Video Converter, you can convert huge files in less time without compromising the video’s quality. In addition, you can customize the output video via Advanced Settings and Video Edit options.

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