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Think about the time you’re watching your favorite show on Netflix. The protagonist is about to fall off a cliff, and at that perfect moment, the internet decides to break up with you, leaving you in a cliff-hanger. Or, think about the day you’re watching Netflix on the train while traveling, but the video keeps on buffering after every few minutes due to poor network. Relatable?

Netflix allows you to download videos to watch them offline, but those can only be watched from the Netflix app and cannot be moved to other devices.

Further, the downloads expire after some time and get deleted, so you’ll need to re-download them, wasting more of your precious time and data. Also, there exists a download limit of videos on Netflix; beyond that, it’ll show an error if you try to download.

So, that leaves you with the option to download videos using a Netflix video downloader that can rip any video from the Netflix server. The internet contains numerous Netflix downloaders that can download videos from streaming platforms.

Which Netflix Video downloader is Best for 2022?

Introducing StreamFab Netflix Downloader, the best Netflix movie downloader to rip and watch Netflix shows offline. With more than 80 million active users around the globe, StreamFab is the most efficient free Netflix downloader.

With StreamFab Netflix Downloader, videos can be downloaded from all Netflix regional sites. If you love to travel cross-country, this is the best Netflix movie downloader for you to access and download your regional content from the opposite part of the globe.

StreamFab enables downloading Netflix videos from the regional sites of the US, UK, Japan, France, and Germany. Videos can be downloaded and saved in the most compatible video format, i.e., MP4, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility. The videos can be downloaded in 4K, 1080p, or lower quality based on your data pack and internet speed, with EAC3 5.1 audio tracks.

The content downloads can be customized by selecting the audio and subtitle language so that you can watch content from various regions in your regional language. Audio language can also be pre-selected to make the download experience better. Subtitle files can either be remuxed with the downloaded video or saved separately as an SRT file.

With StreamFab’s Batch Mode, you can select and download multiple episodes or an entire season at once, at unmatched download speeds. Download any movie or web series within 20 minutes and enjoy them as you travel.

Not only that, but you can also download the metadata for movies and shows, containing all information about the show’s title, episode name, season, cast, and cover with the downloaded video—no need to manually rename the videos any longer, after finishing the downloads.

Steps of StreamFab Netflix Downloader

Now let’s see how to use this amazing Netflix video downloader in just 3 steps. But first, download StreamFab Netflix Downloader and install it on your computer.

Step 1: Launch the application and select the DRM Downloader option from the menu column on the left.

Step 2: Open Netflix from the in-built browser of the application and log into your account.

Step 3: The download will start once you click on a TV show or movie. (In this step, you can select the audio and subtitle language of your choice before beginning the download.)

Features of StreamFab Netflix Downloader that makes it the best:

  • Download DRM-protected subscriber-only content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus, etc.
  • Download videos and music from over 1000 websites.
  • Download Resolution of up to 8K UHD and minimum 144p.
  • Audio quality from 128 kbps to 320 kbps.
  • Subtitles are available to download with video and can be remuxed or saved separately.
  • Turbo-Speed feature to download videos and music 10 times faster.
  • Download entire playlists at once.
  • Batch Mode to download 5 files simultaneously.
  • Download Metadata to easily organize downloaded content.
  • Browser plugin to download videos on the go while browsing.

StreamFab is a free Netflix video downloader, but some features need to be activated with a subscription. The paid version lets you download more videos at a higher download speed.

Other methods to watch Netflix videos offline

1. The Netflix application has a Netflix video downloader feature that can save videos for offline watching.

The videos saved on the Netflix app can only be watched from the app and cannot be moved to any other device. Also, the downloaded video expires after some time and needs to be downloaded again before watching offline.

Netflix also limits the number of downloads, and you cannot download any more videos beyond that.

2. Using any screen recording app to record the show or movies is a method for free Netflix video downloaders. There are various screen recording software like OBS Studio (for Windows and Mac) or built-in screen recorders for Android and iOS to record Netflix videos on the phone.

This method does its job as a free Netflix downloader to some extent. Still, it is very inefficient because the entire content needs to be played for the recording. If the connection is slow, then all buffering and freezing will also get recorded, increasing the overall size of the video.


Here we’ve listed some methods by which you can download and watch Netflix videos offline. Note that it is not legal to download copyright content from Netflix or any streaming platform via third-party applications. If the download is for personal use, then it is alright, but the distribution of downloaded content is illegal.

That being said, you now know about methods to download Netflix videos for watching offline. Enjoy the wonderful shows and movies. And if you want to download them, then use StreamFab Netflix Downloader.

People Also Ask

Q. Is Netflix video downloader free?

A. Yes, the StreamFab Netflix Downloader can be downloaded free of cost and used to download Netflix shows and movies for free up to a specific limit, after which a payment is required to continue the service.

Q. What is the best Netflix video downloader?

A. StreamFab Netflix Downloader is the best Netflix video downloader, and its powerful out-of-the-box features make it stand out among the other competitors.

Q. Is Netflix video downloader legal?

A. Yes, downloading from the Official Netflix app is entirely legal and safe to use. Downloading from external apps or websites poses a minimal threat to your account being banned. Netflix doesn’t usually ban people, so the risk is significantly less.

Q. How do I download a free Netflix downloader?

A. StreamFab Netflix downloader is free to use and can be downloaded from its website.

Q. How do I save a video from Netflix to my computer?

A. 1. Launch the StreamFab Netflix Downloader application and select the DRM Downloader option from the menu column on the left.

2. Open Netflix from the in-built browser of the application.

3. The download will start once you click on a TV show or movie.

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