How to Download Instagram Story?

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Instagram story download is the latest fashion among youngsters. They prefer to download Instagram story, save them to their archive, and repeat posts whenever possible. It's also a way to keep the vital video or image you want to use in the future. In this article, we will check how we can download Instagram story and archive it.

Stand in the 4th position worldwide, Instagram has grown up steadily with 1.4 billion users. The majority of the users are young blood. They love to keep posting videos, photos and using hashtags to reach out globally. Download Instagram story for future use is one of the best ways to preserve the images or videos you have got from others' posts. The Instagram story download process is easy, and you can do it within a minute.

Instagram is a fun-filled social media app that you can share whatever you want. Apart from uploading and downloading stories, you can post, and in the inbox, you can exchange words with your friends. Additionally, you can post your story, which will last for 24hours. The social media app is adding new features with every update.

Download Instagram Story Videos: A Few Steps

Suppose you like someone else's post, and you want to keep it as your Instagram story. If you're going to keep it to your story, you have to download and save it to your gallery first. As for how to download Instagram story videos, the following process is applicable when you want to keep others' posts as your story. You can download an Instagram story video or post someone else's post after marking it as your Instagram story. And after setting it as your story, you can download or save it in your gallery. Let's do:

Step 1: Open your Instagram account

instagram story download

Step 2: Open the home page and select one post you want to keep as your story

download instagram story

Step 3: Set the post as your story by clicking on the Send button

Step 4: Share the image or video to your Instagram story

Step 5: Wait for a few minutes to let the process complete

story download instagram

Step 6: After it displays your story, click the More button.

download story instagram

Step 7: Click on Save photo or Save video; wait for a few minutes and the images or videos saved in your gallery.

Points to Remember: You can download your Instagram story, not others' stories. To download others' stories, you need third-party downloader software to download and save to your gallery.

Download story Instagram is the latest trend, and users are happy to use it. If you like a thoughtful post of others, keep it in your story and then download it. It will go to your local storage.

If you want to download one of your followers' Instagram stories, you must install third-party downloader software.

How to Download Someone's Instagram Story?

To download someone's Instagram story, you have to install third-party downloader apps so that you can download others' stories, hidden photos, videos, posts and save them in your gallery. There are plenty of third-party apps available on the internet.


FastSave is an Instagram videos and photos downloader app that will help you download right away from Instagram stories to post, even locked profile photos, etc., and can save them in your local storage. Apple iPhone supports FastSave, and it's a free app to use.

The Features of FastSave

  • The installation is free to use on any iPhone
  • It's a secure app to install to download photos and videos from Instagram
  • Regularly updated with bug fixing
  • It retains the original image or video quality while downloading
  • You can download the Instagram story anonymously


  • It's a free app
  • It's a mobile device app that works perfectly for the download


  • App privacy issue is there
  • Cannot remove the watermark from the download images

How to Download Instagram Story Posts Using FastSave?

Download your Instagram story, hide your identity and save the introductory videos or images in your storage. Let's see how it works.

Step 1: Download FastSave on your iPhone

Step 2: Open Instagram, and select image, video, or Instagram story

Step 3: Click on the download button and select the storage to save the download file.

Step 4: Once you click on the download button, the item will be saved automatically


Regrann is the best repost app downloader for Instagram, the 4th most prominent social media platform where user numbers are increasing. One of the best Instagram story downloaders that intact the quality while you download the story of others without knowing them. The application is Android-based and follows a fast and smooth downloading process.

The Features of Regrann

  • The download process is instant
  • With the help of Regrann, you can repost the Instagram photos, videos, etc
  • You can download Instagram story videos with Regrann by anonymously
  • Watermark with customized signature can be added in any of the downloaded images or videos
  • The app keeps the best quality in downloaded content so that you can repost it on your wall


  • Customize watermark can be added on downloaded images and videos
  • The app retains the best quality in downloaded posts and stories


  • It cannot work correctly with multiple photos and videos while downloading

How to Download Instagram Stories Videos Using Regrann?

Download an Instagram story is perfectly easy with Regrann. Let's check how the tool works:

Step 1: Download the tool on your Android mobile

Step 2: Open your Instagram app

Step 3: Select a photo or video on your home page

Step 4: Click on the three dots below the photo and choose 'copy share Url'

Step 5: Regrann will activate and allow you to do repost, or save for later or share instantly with other apps

Notes: As Instagram is a mobile-friendly app and can operate through smartphones, we suggest the best two Instagram downloaders, one for iPhone users and one for Android users.

The third-party downloader apps are brilliant in downloading photos, videos, or stories from Instagram. You can repost the downloaded content immediately to your wall or save them for a later post or share it with your friends and relatives.

If you are a new user of Instagram and want to know how to download an Instagram story, ask us.

FAQs: Know What Is the Trend Set

How to download someone's Instagram story?

If you want to download someone's Instagram story, you have to install a third-party downloader app because Instagram's in-app feature does not allow you to download someone's story.

Can I download an Instagram story of my own?

Yes. You can download an Instagram story of your own. In the above, I stated the steps which you need to follow. After the download, you can share the story immediately with other apps or save it for later use.

How long the downloaded images or videos are saved with us?

The downloaded images and videos will be with you in the local storage. Until you realize they are significant for you, you can keep them for a long time; or else after the post, you can delete them to free up the space.

Can I customize the downloaded photos and videos while reposting?

Yes, you can customize the downloaded photos or videos by adding signatures, stickers, or text you want to add.

Concluded Part

The Instagram story download process is concise. The 4th most prominent social media platform rolls out the Dias that users love to spend time here, upload images, videos, GIFs, etc., and connect with the people. Using trendy hashtags with your post will be great for global search options, and people worldwide can view their lead by the hashtags. If you are into business or service and the entire globe is your market, you can promote your products or service using relevant hashtags for greater outreach. Therefore, story download Instagram source won’t be an obstacle to your enjoyment.

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