How to Play DVD on Windows 10?

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In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to play DVD's in Windows 10 for free. Windows 7 users upgrading their PC to Windows 10 may be shocked to find out you can no longer play DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Unlike many of the previous versions, Windows 8 and 10 don't include built-in support for playing DVDs. Microsoft decided not to include DVD support because so many new computers aren't shipping with DVD drives. Microsoft also pays a licensing fee for each copy of Windows that ships with DVD support.

Windows DVD Player: Microsoft's Official App

official windows dvd player

Microsoft's version of a DVD player software is Windows DVD Player. The software can play both store-bought and homemade DVDs.

Windows DVD Player is available for download from Microsoft's app store. The free trial is recommended by the Microsoft Store before purchasing the full edition for $14.99, not because it allows you to view movies but because it's meant to assist you in determining whether or not your DVD drive is compatible with the app.

VLC Player: Best Free Option

VLC player

Windows DVD Player is a Microsoft app that can be downloaded from the App Store. The app's reviews aren't great, and it's worth noting that this DVD app isn't free. Installing a third-party DVD player is the best solution to the problem. VLC, a well-known media player, comes highly recommended.

It's free, and after you've installed it, you can use VLC to play DVDs. Unfortunately, Blu-rays are a different situation; while they are supported, many of them will not play due to Digital Rights Management encryption. To get started, download VLC from VideoLan and run it from its desktop shortcut after it's installed. Click the Media menu and select Open Disc to play a DVD in VLC. Your Windows 10 PC will now be able to play any DVD disc you insert into its disc drive.

5KPlayer: UHD Video Player

5K player - UHD video player

5KPlayer can play high-def recordings, DVDs, and online radio stations. A built-in Apple AirPlay include lets you stream sound and video from your iPhone. You'll be able to catch recordings from YouTube and other gushing services. Download and install 5KPlayer, at that point dispatch the computer program. You're inquired to enlist by entering your title and e-mail address in arrange to openly download recordings and tap into Apple's AirPlay. Enter the enlistment code you get by e-mail, and you're great to go.

Pop a DVD in your drive and press the button for DVD. Tap Alright, and your DVD begins playing. Onscreen controls let you play, halt, bounce ahead, skip behind, and alter the volume. Yes, observing a DVD is as basic as that. But 5KPlayer is stuffed with so numerous other cool highlights that it's really a strong and ingenious interactive media player.

Reading this article, you have been knowing how to play DVDs on Windows 10. I think this is a useful tutorial for you to play DVDs on windows.

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