Here I will introduce three ways to you for making a digital copy of homemade DVDs, workout DVDs, TV shows and discs you purchased from whatever platform, etc. and then you will have access to your DVD via TV, tablet or computer without DVD drive. So let's get started.

Introduction of Copying DVD to USB Flash Drive

copy dvd to USB

First of all, insert the DVD into the disk drive and a USB into the USB port. Typically movies of up to 2 hours are 4.7GB. Others longer than 120 minutes come in 8.5GB. Make sure your USB drive has enough storage. For homemade and non-protected DVD, open your DVD and select the Video TS and Audio TS files in your disc, right-click and choose copy, then move to your USB disk and Paste what you have copied.

However, there are many cases that you can't successfully get full data, the files can't be accessed by a media player or DVD copy protections imposed on DVD. So for protected DVDs, you need third-party software, e.g WinX DVD ripper to digitize the DVD and save it in a preferable video format. If what you need is a digital copy to USB drives with exact same quality & data, the wise choice is converting DVD to ISO image, which produces an ISO file with the same size as the original folder.

Creating an ISO from DVD Using WinX DVD Ripper

Follow the steps and create an ISO from DVD and copy to hard drive right away.

Steps to copy dvd to USB

Steps to Copy DVD to USB

  • Download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. Insert the DVD you want to copy to USB, choose ISO from backup mode. You can also choose a high-quality engine, multi-core CPU, e.g to enhance the quality and speed up the ripping process.
  • Click RUN to start. It takes several minutes to make an ISO backup for a DVD movie come in 4.7GB. Everything is done, you will get the video in the destination folder. For those who would like to shrink the DVD to best fit the USB capacity, then you should rip DVD to MP4, which reduce 80% of the original DVD size. The whole process is almost the same as copying DVDs to ISO, but here I would like to introduce more features for those who would like to edit DVDs for different use.

Others You Should Know about WinX DVD Ripper

You are allowed to set the video codec, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, resolution, audio codec, channel, sample rate, and audio bit rate in the video and audio options. as well as the freedom to select preferred subtitle, disable subtitle, or even add external SRT to the target video. Not only that, you can even crop the video to remove the black bar, and trim DVD video to get customized output. Get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Free Trial and make your DVD copy right away!


Here is some detailed info about how to copy DVD to USB flash drive. If you have any other questions about ripping DVDs, please feel free to contact us.