How to Copy DVD To Computer via 3 Ways Free & Easily

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Do you look for ready ways as to how to copy DVD to computer for playback on the go? Can I copy a DVD to my computer for personal use? Absolutely, you can!

We all had a craze for collecting DVDs of our favorite shows, games, and movies. But in this modern digital era, we can stream everything of our choice on smart devices. Though physical media has a distinctive charm in the old days, it is now just consuming the space in your storage boxes. Well, it does not mean you should give up on all the DVDs you have purchased. Instead, you can copy a DVD to computer and make a digital file to keep it safe for a long time. Also, when you rip your DVDs into digital files, it will allow you to play and even edit whenever you want without relying on the discs.

Many online platforms are available to do this job. However, the mystery of how to copy a DVD to computer remains still. So, I will discuss in detail how to copy a DVD to a computer using 3 tools. All these tools or platforms are reliable and safe to use. They will make an exact copy of your DVD on the computer for further use.

Besides, beware of the paid unreliable tools that come with a complicated interface and require downloading third-party software. Consider starting with a free tool that comes with basic features but does the job correctly. So, without further ado, let's learn how to copy a DVD to a computer.

1. How to Copy DVD to Computer Using Windows Media Player

How do I copy a DVD to my computer using Windows Media Player? As a Windows buff, you might expect to copy DVD to computer via this freeware. You are on the right page!

Windows Media player has made it easy to copy a DVD to computer. By following a few easy steps, you will be ready to catch up on your old days and watch the content you have been collecting.

how to copy dvd to computer using windows media player

  • Download and Open

Your PC or Laptop must have a Windows Media Player by default. If not, download it right now and open it. Also, using this software must not be problematic because the interface is smooth. You will find every button in the right front of your screen.

  • Insert Disc

Now, insert the Audio CD or DVD into the PC/Laptop CD drive. And then select the rip CD button from the interface.

  • Check the Content

Suppose you do not want to copy the entire DVD or want something specific. In that case, you can check or uncheck the DVD content individually and choose the desired content.

  • Formatting

Windows Media Player allows changing the format settings of the DVD you want to copy. You can find the format option under the rip settings button. However, you can also opt for an MP3 format as it is universal and accessible on any compatible device.

  • Saved Files

All your copied or ripped files will automatically save to the Music or Downloads folder. You can move them to the cloud storage, thumb drive, or any external media device.

This is how to copy a DVD to my computer using Windows Media Player for free. However, compared to other professional DVD copy programs, this freeware does have some limitations on customized options. Next, let’s move to its best alternative to copy a DVD to computer.

2. How to Copy a DVD to Computer Using DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy is an exceptional desktop tool to copy DVDs to a computer more effectively. It makes the ripping and saving of our favorite media convenient while giving us a list of other options. Fortunately, DVDFab DVD Copy offers different copy modes according to your preferences to promote flexibility. Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split, and Customize, are at your disposal.

Specifically, you can expect features like Full Disc copy that allows copying all the content from the disc without compressing. The Main Movie allows copying the Title, and Clone/Burn will turn DVD into a blank disc. The Merge option offers to combine multiple DVDs into one for easy storing all your favorite media. At last, the Split option encourages splitting one DVD into two.

However, all the features of this copy program are not free. You can expect some basics in the free version but can expect beyond expectations in the paid one.

how to copy a dvd to my computer

Now, let's answer your most-asked question, how can I copy DVD to my computer in these few easy steps.

  • Free download and open the DVDFab DVD Copy on your PC.
  • Select the Copy button from the options followed by double-clicking DVDFab.
  • Insert the DVD into the PC drive, and navigate the disc through the main page of the tool.
  • Select the Copy mode that defines your purpose, and customize the output DVD.
  • Now, you are ready to copy the DVD to a Computer.

how to copy a dvd to computer

Aside from copying a DVD to computer, this best DVD copy software can remove all possible DVD copy protections in the process of backup. Above all, it will copy a standard DVD movie in 3 to 5 minutes, 30X faster than normal programs. Thus, you can copy video from DVD to computer with this professional yet easy-to-use copy tool for free.

3. How to Copy DVD to Computer Using HandBrake

If you are still wondering how to copy a DVD to my Computer, wonder no more. Try HandBrake, a free and reliable tool available for all Windows, Linux, and macOS users. Being a beginner, you may find the interface a little complex, but it is an ideal tool to copy DVDs to computer.

Also, it allows you to rip a DVD of any kind and store it on your computer and cloud for quick and easy access. This way, you can say the hardest goodbyes to your DVD players and the wired mess you have to make before watching that old movie.

how to copy dvd to computer free

Anyways, follow these easy steps as they will guide you on how to copy video from DVD to computer.

  • Download HandBrake

A HandBrake is an open-source tool available on all the models of Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. It is entirely free to download from its official website. Download and launch it on your respective design. After installing, open HandBrake.

  • Choose File

Now, it's time to rip the DVD file. Go to the File button at the left of a startup. Under the Source Selection, select the file you want to rip, and if your file is a DVD or any other physical media, you need to go to the DVD drive.

  • Saving File

At this point, you have to choose where you want to store your DVD file. Browse the file while selecting where to save it. It allows saving the file on any external drive, SSD card, thumb drive, and Cloud storage.

When you are done making changes, know that when the process of copying a DVD to computer is complete, you can find the file on your chosen folder or drive. Besides, after browsing and selecting the correct file, hit the save button at the bottom.

  • Encode File

Finally, it is the last step of turning the physical media into digital. Hit the Start Encode button available at the top, right beside the Open source button. You can see all the details of your file under this, including Title, chapters, duration, etc.

When you press the encode button, the DVD starts ripping and notify you when the process completes. Note that HandBrake is a bit different from the first two since it enables you to rip and convert DVDs to digital video formats like MP4. But you can also turn to other professional DVD Ripper software to fulfill this task.

Bottom Line

If your CDs or DVD media are lying around the house, you find no other way to secure them. In that case, you can use one of these safe and reliable tools to copy DVDs to computer.

By downloading the free tool on your PC and taking the above few easy steps, you have a golden opportunity to visit all those old memories right on your smart devices. They are entirely safe to use and serve many more purposes than just copying DVDs to computer.

However, if you have any other method or reliable tool in mind, feel free to drop in comments, and we will review them for you. Happy Saving!

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