How to Copy a DVD in Windows 10 Efficiently and Easily?

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Want to copy a DVD in Windows 10? Are you looking for a program to copy a DVD in Windows 10? When it comes to how to copy DVD Windows 10 available, numerous DVD copy applications spark the market so that users become more accessible to copying DVDs as desired. Here we would like to discuss two main DVD copy software and how to copy a DVD in Windows 10.

How to Copy a DVD in Windows 10 by DVDFab DVD Copy

As one of the best DVD copy software, DVDFab DVD Copy is renowned for its DVD copy features. As stated in its slogan, the program can provide users with lossless backup functions. Also, users can compress any DVD into a desired size and quality suitable for storing in DVD 5 or DVD 9. Meanwhile, the output files of the program can be saved as ISO or movie folders on HDD.

As the application is totally compatible with Windows and Mac, it can be run with almost no limit. Therefore, whether you copy a DVD in Windows 10 or Mac, DVDFab DVD Copy can make you accessible for a perfect copy. In addition, what surprised you most is its strong function of removing any DVD copy protection, including CSS, APS, RC, and DADC.

Except for what we discussed above, different copy modes, the software has 6 powerful buttons, full disc, main movie, clone/burn, merge, split and customize, which can be truly seen as its marked features.

If you want to have a better experience with the software, you can download it for free on Windows 10 or Mac on a 30-day free trial basis. And even we can say DVDFab DVD Copy is capable of meeting your every need to copy a DVD in Windows 10.

Steps to Copy DVD Using DVDFab DVD Copy

Step 1 Run DVDFab DVD Copy and load the source DVD

Run the DVDFab 12 and click the Copy button. You can insert Disc or click on the “+” button to load a source or simply drag and drop the ISO file or folder to the workflow so as to input source DVD files. The interface of DVDFab 12 is presented in the given picture:copy a dvd in windows 10

Step 2 Select a copy mode and customize the output DVD

Move on to the left side of the interface. Tap the copy mode switcher and select the copy mode you favor. If you are confused with these modes, you can put your mouse pointer on any mode for detailed descriptions. You can click on advanced settings to label your customized DVD and change other copying options as to output. The main movie, for example, means that you only copy the main movie title of the disc/ISO/folder source. By this copy mode, you can decide the run time of the output DVD out of your expectations.copy dvd to hard drive windows 10

Step 3 Start to copy your DVD and save the files

Tap the start button and DVDFab will begin processing with its fastest speed and best quality. If you want to copy multiple DVD sources simultaneously, you can add all the DVD sources you want to copy or burn to the task queue. In this way, you can use the duration to deal with other things.dvd copy windows 10

Remarks: You can use DVDFab DVD Copy to copy DVDs to hard drive Windows 10 using the above tips. Feel free to choose from the six copy modes to fulfill the DVD copy task.

How to Copy a DVD in Windows 10 by DVD Cloner?

When it comes to DVD Copy windows 10 software, DVD Cloner can also enable users to copy DVD movies. This software has provided DVD copy service for a long time.

Thanks to its timely upgrade, DVD Cloner allows for 1:1 DVD copy, movie-only copy, and customized copy. What strikes us most is its function to combine multiple DVDs into one DVD±R DL or BD-R/RE.

Just like DVDFab DVD Copy, it can copy DVD to DVD Windows 10 platform supports.

Steps to Copy DVD Using DVD Cloner

Step 1 Run DVD Cloner and load the source DVD

Free download the installation package of DVD Cloner. Double click on the package and install DVD Cloner on your PC. Run DVD Cloner and add the source DVD into the application. You’ll see the express interface of the program. In case this interface below didn’t come into your eyes, you can tap the “switch the express interface” icon at the top right.copy dvd to dvd windows 10

Step 2 Customize the source DVD with built-in settings

In case the source DVD is too huge to store into a DVD disc, you can select “COPY TO D5” to compress the size of the DVD to fit a DVD-R.copy dvd windows 10

Step 3 Start to copy your DVD

Once done, the software can detect the source DVD and start copying. With the most advanced compression method, DVD cloner can compress the source DVD with its tremendous function of optimization.copy dvd to hard drive windows 10

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal to copy a DVD in Windows 10?

It is convenient to copy DVDs to hard drive Windows system supports so that you can save these important moments in case the original DVD was damaged. Plus, you can also save these DVD ISO image files or folders. Technically, it is illegal to reproduce a copyrighted work for personal or commercial use. Regulations, however, didn’t say “you can’t copy the content on your own devices”. Therefore, it is proper to copy DVD to DVD Windows 10 supports.

2. How to copy a DVD in Windows 10 for free?

Except for the DVD Copy that we discussed above, you can also choose HandBrake, Free Video Converter, and so on. All these applications have their free versions. Free versions of these programs may have some limits when you copy a DVD in Windows 10 though, you can free download DVDFab 12 with a 30-day trial basis for your whole and perfect experience of copying a DVD. Plus, you can turn to the other ways of how to copy DVD to USB.

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