How to cancel ESPN plus service?

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Over the past few years, we have seen a shift in ESPN’s business model. The channel has evolved both digitally and from a broadcast point of view.

However, something was missing in the original ESPN channel. This is why the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” is emphasizing another paid service.

This service would not be an exclusive replacement for the cable channel, but it's more like an add-on subscription that would be whole-heartedly welcomed by die-hard fans who don't have access to cable subscriptions or coverage.

This service is named ESPN+ or ESPN Plus. This article will discuss ESPN Plus and the cancel ESPN Plus procedure.

What is the difference between ESPN and ESPN plus?

First of all, we have to understand that ESPN and ESPN Plus are quite similar to one another in terms of functionality, but these two are not the same. We have to understand their difference as they both cater to different types of audiences.

Each of these ESPN services is not pretty distinguishable, which is why it is sometimes tough to choose which one to subscribe to. Both the services are designed for specific individuals or households to ensure no money and time is wasted by going for the wrong subscription.

This is the age of OTT platforms. Much of the content has already shifted to on-demand content. Streaming is the new favorite thing for Gen-Z. However, some things are best watched live—for example, Sports.

Live sports is one of the primary reasons these days that compel a user to pay for a live TV streaming service. There is a very meager amount of channels that would now run live sports so subscribing to a streaming service means that you wouldn’t miss any content at all.

ESPN is one of the biggest and most-watched Live TV channels. You can easily tune into the ESPN channel to watch your favorite sports show. Additionally, you can also subscribe to ESPN Plus, which comes with a standalone subscription for $7 a month. You can also save more money by signing an annual subscription.

ESPN plus is called a standalone service. This service makes it different from the rest of the ESPN network. ESPN is a fully-fledged channel primarily designed to broadcast live sports events.

On the other hand, ESPN plus is a streaming service that gathers all the on-demand content into one place so the users would save themselves from the hassle of searching the channel.

The on-demand content on ESPN is what makes it special. Even though some of the content of ESPN plus can also overlap with other streaming services, there are still many exclusives inside that make the service worth buying.

ESPN Plus is more like a gateway. You don’t have any app to download. Instead, both the ESPN and ESPN plus subscribers can access them through the official ESPN app or their website.

Additionally, ESPN plus is also bundled with many other channels. For example, you can combine ESPN plus with Disney plus or a Hulu subscription. This all-in-one package comes with many additional services and discounts. This is something that your ESPN channel wouldn't provide.

Another thing is that ESPN plus might often look like it offers more services than the ESPN channel, which is not true. Instead, it should be used as a replacement whenever the ESPN channel isn't available. The only priority to watch ESPN plus is when a match is going live.

It is perfect for those who want more ESPN content in a low-cost way and want to see more content. The fact that it is standalone makes it cheaper and easier to access as compared to its parent channel.

ESPN plus has also grown since its release. It encompassed ESPN Insider and ESPN’s paid subscription that had exclusive content like special analysis, fantasy sports, and much more. These things have made ESPN plus a more exclusive and essential service for sports fans.

Plus, you will be introduced to many exclusive and original shows, documentaries, games, sports news, and much more.

The Subscription Method:

There are three different subscription models ESPN plus has to offer to its customers. The recent cost for subscribing to ESPN plus was $7 per month.

If you want the ESPN plus annual package, then it would cost you around $70 annually.

Another method is to wait for occasional deals to arrive so you can choose any bundle. For example, the UFC pay-per-view bundle is a money-saver. Plus, if you want ESPN plus, Disney plus, and Hulu in the same package, then you can get it in the "Disney plus bundle" package that costs $13 per month.

How to cancel ESPN plus?

How do I cancel my ESPN Plus Subscription? There are some methods that you can try to cancel ESPN plus subscription.

Through App:

· Firstly, log in to your ESPN plus account.

· Click on the profile icon.

· Select the “Manage my ESPN plus Subscription” option.

· Click on “Manage” next to the ESPN plus subscription card.

· Click on "Cancel Subscription."

· Your ESPN plus subscription will cancel within no time; just follow the instructions.

Through Online:

You can also cancel your ESPN plus subscription online if you don’t have the app. Here is how:

· Open your PC or mobile browser.

· Go to

· Read through the articles and learn how to cancel your subscription online.

· The online customer service will help you too.

Through Calling:

If you have complaints from ESPN plus or you want to cancel your subscription, then you can call ESPN plus helpline and get it canceled.

· You have to dial 800-727-1800 from your phone to unsubscribe.

· State your reason to cancel ESPN plus.

· Note the instructions your representative is giving.

· Ask for the confirmation email.

Through Email:

You can use the email method too:

· Put [email protected] as the recipient.

· Write an email showing your intent of canceling the ESPN plus streaming subscription.

· Provide your necessary account and personal details.

· Ask the ESPN plus representatives to respond to you promptly.

· Ask for a confirmation email for ESPN Plus cancel membership confirmation.

Through Google Play:

If you have subscribed to your ESPN plus, then you can use Google Play Store to cancel the ESPN plus subscription. Here is how:

· Open the Google Play Store.

· Tap on the account icon you see in the upper right corner.

· Click on “Payments and Subscriptions” and click on “Subscriptions.”

· Find the ESPN plus subscription from the list and select it.

· Tap on “Cancel Subscription” and follow what Play Store tells you.

· Choose a reason for cancellation and tap on “Continue” and finally on the “Cancel Subscription” option.

How to download videos from ESPN plus for offline viewing?

The ESPN plus videos are only available for online viewing. Unfortunately, there is no offline mode which makes it difficult for some users who don’t have a good internet connection.

In that case, let us introduce a tool that plays ESPN plus videos in offline view by downloading them inside your phone. This tool is called “Vidus Streaming Downloader.”

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Let’s learn how it works.

Vidus streaming downloader:

Vidus Streaming Downloader is a top streaming downloader for OTT platforms like ESPN plus, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney, and YouTube.

Here is why you should use this app:

· It supports built-in search.

· It allows the batch download of videos.

· It provides high-speed downloads.

· You can download more than 1000+ sites for offline access.

· It is 100% safe and clean.

· It comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

The usage is simple:

· Pick a Vidus Streaming Downloader Pricing plan.

· Once you pick it, buy the plan.

· The next thing is to download the software on PC.

· Once downloaded, it is time to install.

· After installation, simply run the program.

· Choose the platform and videos to download.

· Download them and enjoy.

Other streaming downloading services included in our product

There is much more to enjoy when you are using the Vidus Streaming downloader. You can enjoy other utilities too that might be helpful.

Netflix Downloader

The Netflix downloader allows you to download any Netflix video that you like in high-quality.

Hulu Converter

The Vidus Hulu converter helps you convert Hulu videos to mp4 formats.

HBO Downloader

The Vidus HBO Downloader helps you download online HBO videos and convert them to almost MP4 video available. It is fast, easy, and produces high-quality output with custom features.

Disney Plus Downloader

Disney Plus Downloader is the best tool for downloading Disney Plus videos. It has many hot music video to download with high resolution. The downloading is super fast.

You may also be interested in playlist recommendations for you.


The ESPN Plus is a great service and compliment to the ESPN channel. It has so much to offer. Moreover, if you are unsatisfied with ESPN plus, then you can cancel your subscription any time you like.

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