Top 5 Free Sports Streaming Sites That Actually Work [Updated 2021]

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Are you a sports fan looking for the best free sports streaming sites online? Well, numerous sites offer seamless sports streaming in no time! Some people keep looking for the best sports streaming sites Reddit, but they are not aware that now many subreddit communities have shifted to new dedicated sites. Thus, your search for the best sports streaming sites needs to be handled well to get live updates in a jiffy. To ease your hassle, we have curated the list of some of the best live sports streaming sites that are available on the internet and provide the latest information in no time.

Best 5 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites


best sports streaming sites: Cricfree

Cricfee is one of the most-used free sports streaming sites that mainly streams live and latest updates of cricket games, tennis, racing, hockey, boxing, soccer, etc. Owing to its easy-to-navigate user interface, it has become one of the best free live sports streaming sites that ensures that all streaming links work smoothly so that your fun doesn’t get hampered. The best part is that it also comes with a handy Android and iOS app that lets you watch all your favorite sports without any unnecessary issues. For the best experience, you can even get a VPN along with 30 days money-back guarantee.

  • You can view everything smoothly with the help of the easy-to-use interface of the website.
  • You can view different sports on the website like soccer, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket, etc.
  • There is no need to sign-up or register with the website to view your favorite sports. Just open the website in your browser, and you can watch your favorite sports without any unnecessary hassle.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Get access to international sports channels
  • Get all details on cricket games

Con: Pop-ups can create unnecessary distractions

Streaming sites: Sony Liv

Looking for HD quality free sports streaming sites? Well, this one will help you in streaming all the live sports content in no time. That’s why it has become one of the top live sports streaming sites free to use by everyone. From soccer games to tennis, WWE, cricket, NMA, or UFC, whatever be your streaming demand, they are always there to fulfill all your needs. Their HD sports streaming on both Android and iOS devices via apps make them more user-friendly. If you live outside India, you may need to use a VPN to access the whole content, which will even add an extra layer of protection and elevate the security

  • With this user-friendly app, you can view all your favorite sports from all around the globe.
  • Whether it is wrestling, MMA, soccer, cricket, or any other sport, all you need to do is install the app on your device and enjoy the content.
  • You can also enjoy app-exclusive content, but you have to buy the subscription plan to access that.


  • Both Android and iOS apps are available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Live scoreboard


  • Geo-restricted service
  • Language barrier since most content is only understandable by Indians

Facebook Watch

Streaming sites: Facebook Watch

Ever since Facebook watch came into existence, many people have started assuming it as the best streaming sports site even though there are fewer sports streams. In case you love watching baseball, you can easily watch one game every week without any extra cost. To view Facebook Watch, you need to have a Facebook account, and once you create that, you can go to, which helps in looking for streams for your favorite sports. You can even use the Live filter option that filters the inauthentic or illegal content that is needed. If you use it wisely, it can be added to the list of the best streaming sports sites.

  • You can enjoy your favorite sports streams with fans all around the world with live chat provision.
  • If you have a FB account, then you can easily watch sports with Facebook Watch.
  • You can look for general sports and even search for the specific game to find the particular content you wish to stream.
  • You don’t have to pay any fee to stream sports on this platform. Just log in with your FB account and enjoy the content.


  • Simple to use and quite easy to access the content
  • No distraction from unnecessary ads


  • Misleading links are present on the platform that can cause unwanted nuisance
  • The video quality may be less as compared to other options


live sports streaming sites: 123TV

Are you searching for decent sports streams on US sports channels? If your answer is yes, then this site is one of the live streaming sports sites. Since it offers all the live streams from NBC, ESPN, NFL, NCAA, NHL as well as NBA TV, it caters to all the sports requirements. So, settle down on this site if you are done juggling around finding the perfect streaming site that provides all the good stuff for free. Another engaging point is that it provides instant access to a plethora of channels like ABC, HBO, Disney Channel, etc. Along with this, you will definitely fall for its charming user interface on the first look, making it one of the live free sports streaming sites.

  • Being one of the top sports streaming sites, 123 TV offers ad-free streams to its users.
  • You don’t have to go through any unwanted redirections on the platform while watching your favorite sports.
  • The interface is simple and clutter-free, which makes it for the users to find their content and enjoy it.


  • Full access to leading sports channels
  • High-quality content

Con: There is no schedule of the events and games present on the platform



This platform proffers on-time updates of different sports such as cricket, boxing, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. It is one of the top sports streaming sites free for everyone with just a one-click free account setup. Since Stream2Watch only shares 3rd party links, you can easily view live sports as well as live TV to offer higher flexibility to the user. So, knock off all the worries related to getting good-quality video streams and focus on getting the best streams available on-demand whenever you want. You will find it to be easily accessible and one of the best streaming sites for sports.

  • There are a variety of sports to watch on the platform.
  • Besides using the website on the browser, you can download its app on your smartphones(Android and iOS) to watch the content.
  • You can simply watch the content on the platform by creating a simple free account.


  • Quick navigation with the organized structure
  • Supports iOS and Android smartphones


  • Ads can cause unwanted distractions while streaming sports
  • Broken links can be found on the platform

The Bottom Line

Since you’ve read about all the best free sports streaming sites mentioned above, it is time to know about some valuable information before you pick the right platform. Firstly, always use a reliable VPN as some of these websites may be geo-blocked for your location. VPNs can easily help you to access content from these top free sports streaming sites and protect your online identity from 3rd party trackers and other malicious links.

So, what are you still waiting for! Don't fall prey to illegal sports streaming sites and choose the best free streaming sports sites wisely! By the way, if you want to stream anime movies for entertainment, you can turn to the best anime streaming sites for desired programs.

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