Top 3 Best Email Services Providers

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It can be quite easy to find the best email services today. You will get an account for beginners after signing up with an ISP. And, you will get more if you create an account with a big name like Microsoft and Google. Probably, you might be able to get email addresses enough to power a big business by buying a good web hosting package without any extra charges.

However, it can be a daunting task for you to choose the best email marketing services because there is a wide variety to consider, particularly nowadays when working remotely.

Here, we will discuss the best free email services. All the free email services are good but maybe with some limits and ads. However, we will also discuss the email newsletter services and their business-friendly and best paid email services delivering the functionality, power, and extras demanding user's requirements.

Best Email Services Providers Updated in 2021

1. ProtonMail

best email services ProtonMail

To sign up with bulk email services generally consists of a few privacy compromises. For example, Yahoo Mail asks you for your mobile number and name, Gmail, and some more mass email services may ask you to scan your messages in order to perform some actions. Moreover, all serve with the ads.

Proton is one of the best email services for privacy. It is a Swiss-based service, mainly having a focus on the user's privacy. And, it enables the users to sign up anonymously, and your email is end-to-end encrypted as it comes with email encryption services. It shows that nobody will be able to read their content. Moreover, it also comes with address verification. It enables you to ensure that you are communicating securely with the right person. And PGP encryption is also available. At the end of April 2019, the elliptic curve cryptography was familiarized. It adds more speed and email security services. The premium users will also be able to have the Undo function and the import-export application that they will be capable of easily using in order to transfer emails between accounts or download messages to the device.

In addition, there are a few important limitations. You can send only 150 messages per day with a small storage space of only 500MB and clearly short regarding organizational tools (without labels, folders, and smart filters). The end-to-end encryption is only for ProtonMail. However, if you send emails to other users, they will not be encrypted. But if you make use of the Secure Message Function for sending password-protected messages for the most secure email services.

Even so, it looks a bit unfair complaining about a service that doesn't show ads and is no-strings-attached free. In fact, the ProtonMail is one of the professional tools that intend to use alongside services such as Gmail, not replace them, and inclusively it does its basic job very well.

2. Gmail

best email services Gmail

Google's Gmail was released in 2004. With the free email services, it has become the market leader as there are over one billion users throughout the world.

The stripped-back web interface of Gmail is special. Most of the screen is dedicated to your inbox with minimal toolbar and more clutter. It organizes the messages decently through the conversations for easy viewing. And, you will also be able to easily read and reply to emails, no matter if you are a new user.

There is a lot of power. Gmail becomes more interactive with dynamic mails, along with the capability of acting from within the email directly, like to respond to the Google Docs comment or filling a questionnaire. Moreover, you will be able to filter the messages in an automatic way in the tabbed categories such as Primary, Promotions, and Social. It will be helpful for you to have a focus on the content you require. With Leading-edge spam blocking, you can keep your inbox junk-free. Also, you can manage more accounts from that same interface, such as Yahoo, Outlook, and POP or IMAP emails, etc.; for your photos, Drive, and inbox, you can have a storage of 15GB.

Moreover, you will also be able to access your Gmail even if you are offline. Though you will require Google Chrome to make it work. Additionally, there you can send your email at a particular time.

Rather than sorting messages in folders, for example, a metaphor, which almost all the users understand, you have to filter them by means of a custom labeling system. It is helpful and provides a few benefits. However, it is not popular among all users. And, still, Gmail is one of the great email marketing services and the best pick for the email provider.

Moreover, Google also offers a paid business-oriented Gmail version, which is available in its Google Workspace product shape.

It is a more professional product dropping the ads and allowing you to make use of the custom email address to be used on your domain. The business-based migration tools will be capable of importing the mail from Lotus, Exchange, Outlook, and much more. The basic plan doubles the storage space to 30GB.

3. Outlook

best email services outlook

The web interface of Outlook follows a style similar to its incarnation and a lot of other email clients. It comes with a simple preview pane at the right with advertisements if you are using a free account, the current folder content at the center, and organizational tools and folders at the left.

With a toolbar, you will be able to get quick access to common features. And you will see everything by right-clicking messages or folders. Moreover, if you have ever used any other email client, then you will be able to find the important details at the moment.

In spite of the apparent easiness, there are a lot of things going on under the hood. The service is helpful to detect the important emails in an automatic way, keeping them in a focused inbox and distractions out of sight. You can add events like dinner reservations and flights to your calendar automatically. Moreover, you can also share that calendar with more Office 365 and Outlook users. Also, you will be able to save your events in the Family calendar, making it accessible for everyone. Furthermore, there are also a few appealing features, such as the capability to add polls to your Outlook emails directly.

Exceptional attachment support consists of the capability to share OneDrive files as links or copies directly. Also, you can attach the files from your Box accounts, Dropbox, and Google Drive directly. And, you can store a lot of files as it provides a 15GB mailbox.

All of this works fine for us. However, if you are not satisfied with the service defaults, chances are they will be tweaked through the Settings dialog of Outlook. It will not provide you with more options like Gmail. But it is organized well, giving you much control over the message handling, attachment rules, layout, etc.

If you still consider it unsatisfactory, Microsoft is offering a lot of application-based integrations taking the service further. You already have Skype support through beta. And you can get easy access to Uber, Evernote, Yelp, GIPHY, PayPal, etc., with the application.

Upgrading to Office 365 provides you OneDrive storage of 1TB, mail storage of 50GB, and an ad-free inbox. The Extras consist of phone or chat-based support, message formatting gears, offline working, file recovery from ransomware and other malicious attacks, etc. Also, the updated versions of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. You can get all this for 7 USD per month on one user Office 365 Personal plan. Moreover, you can also pay 70 USD for a year.

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