Best Free DVD Ripper for Windows and Mac

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Do you have a vast collection of your favorite movies and shows on DVDs? Are you looking for an easy way to save them in a digital format? Don’t worry. All you need to do is use DVD ripper software and save your favourite content on the local storage of your device and stay stress-free.
There are several DVD ripper software available in the market. You can feel a little overwhelmed to funnel down the best option for yourself. So, we have researched and listed the best free DVD ripper for Windows 10 and Mac devices. Let us dive into the list and get full details on the best free DVD ripper software.

Best Free DVD Ripper Software

DVDFab DVD Ripper

If you are a movie buff, then you need to get your hands on DVDFab DVD ripper. With this software, you can remove all the major DVD protections from your favorite DVDs and keep them in your device in digital prints.
You can convert all your content to digital formats without any loss of video and audio quality. As you know, smartphones have become a natural extension for everyone. With this free DVD ripper Windows 10, you can compress your favorite videos and play them on your smartphones while preserving the original quality of the content. There are tons of options while converting the video, but the most preferable format is MP4 which is smaller in size as compared to other options and offers better quality.
With this best free DVD ripper for Mac and Windows, you get a vast library of 1000+ formats in video and audio. On top of that, the software is fully capable of converting the videos to formats that are suited to certain devices(260+).
Generally, any software will take 10 to 30 minutes to rip a standard movie. However, DVDFab DVD Ripper encapsulates the latest and ultra-modern GPU acceleration technologies that reduce this time to just 5 mins.

dvdfab dvd ripper


  • Exclusive Cloud Decryption Service support that will open any DVD in 5 to 10 seconds.
  • You get choices of different playback modes when you open the tool on your device.
  • Enjoy a built-in video editor, which you can use to create professional videos while you rip your favorite content from your DVDs.
  • You can customize the subtitles while you rip the DVDs and convert the DVD subtitles to SRT format.
  • With this best DVD ripper for Windows 10 and Mac, you can even upscale the resolution of the video from 480p to 1080p.


  • Enjoy the multitask mode to save your time while ripping different DVDs
  • Tons of options to edit your video with an inbuilt video editor

Con: Requires some time to be well-versed with all the features of the software


The Handbrake DVD ripper is an open-source DVD ripper that allows you to convert the videos to digital format without any unnecessary hassle. There are several predefined options to choose from while you progress forward with the ripping process. Moreover, you can even choose your custom format.
You also get several options to edit the output video. You can adjust the settings, apply effects, change codecs, and perform several other functions using this tool. However, you need some prior expertise to edit the video in a professional way as you have to do a little research when it comes to understanding all the technical terminology.

Handbrake DVD ripper


  • Enjoy tons of options to edit the video and add your unique touch while ripping your DVDs.
  • The free DVD ripper software offers batch processing which saves you a lot of time while tackling different DVDs.
  • The ripping process is simple, and it supports tons of preset modes.


  • Outstanding support with different formats
  • Powerful tool capable of handling any video


  • The UI can be a little overwhelming
  • Needs prior knowledge to use the tool properly

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Equipped with power GPU-accelerated technology, the Winx DVD ripper is able to rip the DVD in a couple of minutes. All you need to do is just insert the DVD into your device, launch the software, select the output folder/directory on your device, and then click on the Run button to initiate the process. You can quickly rip several videos in less time if you have a rig with eight-core and the latest GPU.
Besides working with DVDs, the software also handles folders of DVD files and ISO images. Once the tool analyzes the input file, it will suggest different predefined modes that are suited for different smartphones and different platforms like FB, Twitter, etc.

  • The interface is easy to use, and the tool offers high speed in ripping the DVDs.
  • With with Winx DVD ripper platinum best settings, you can enjoy high speed in converting the content to your desired format

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


  • Enjoy audio to MP3 conversion with the tool
  • Rip the DVD subtitles using the same tool

Con: Free version has limited features

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Rro

Here in this Wonderfox DVD ripper review, we will discuss all the details about the tool. This DVD ripper for Windows 10 offers a swift ripping process of DVDs to digital formats. You just have to load your DVD file into your device, adjust the output settings, and the tool will convert the file to your desired format. With this tool, you will get blazing fast speed during the ripping process.
You can bypass most of the protections on the DVDs and get the process started in a jiffy. The tool supports almost every encrypted DVD. You can compress the output video file without any loss of quality, both in audio and video. Moreover, you can rip the videos into device-compatible formats with this tool.

  • With this tool, you can remove all the region codes on your foreign DVDs and enjoy your content without any unnecessary hassle.
  • Enjoy 0-quality loss with a high ripping speed of DVDs to several digital formats.
  • New gadgets and media formats are updated in the tool’s library automatically for undaunted support.

Wonderfox DVD ripper pro


  • Easy to use
  • Tons of formats to convert your DVDs

Con: Support limited to Windows OS only

Final Verdict

Here is the latest DVD ripper software that will allow you to convert your content in your DVDs to digital formats in a couple of minutes. Go through the whole list and select the ones that cater to all your needs.

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