9 Best Windows 10 DVD Players

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A free DVD player for Windows 10 becomes a significant tool to improve our experience of viewing. DVDs may appear to be a dated format, although there are nonetheless movie and television fans that rely on this actual media to preserve their preferred content. The Windows 10 DVD players listed below are among the best free DVD players for Windows 10 and other well-known DVD players for Windows 10 in the business, each of which has something unique to provide its customers.

DVDFab Player 6

DVDFab Player 6 is a DVD player for Windows 10 which can gather and acquire banners for all your multimedia files from the Web and split these into precise categories in an attempt to create a compact yet well-structured local media collection. By tapping on every graphic panel, you will be transported to a comprehensive website with all of the film or TV show's metadata information clearly presented.

This best free DVD player for Windows 10 also allows you to dynamically build a personal collection of music. Simply drag and drop your current audio collections from your hard drive into the 4K player program, and you'll have all of the chosen tracks, records, singers, and categories arranged in no time. Not only can you view films and Television episodes on this incredible 4K video player, but then you can also additionally listen to your preferred track anywhere and at any time.

free dvd player for windows 10 dvdfab player 6

Marked Features

  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Audio Types: MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, CUE, APE, and other common audio formats are all available.
  • Arrange and Present Audio Libraries in an Intelligent Way: Sort and present musical categories based on metadata material from the music tracks, such as records, composers, or categories.
  • Auto-Download Information: To expand the specifics of your audio libraries, periodically acquire correct metadata from big internet audio databases.
  • Build Personalized Mixes: For efficient performance and replay flexibility, establish however many personalized compilations you like.
  • Upload Your Best Tunes to Your Personal favorites: All of us have a preferred genre of song. It's simple to put an item on the list of favorites. Simply LIKE it, and it will appear.
  • Superior Audio-Visual Effect: As soon as the song begins playing, a sophisticated graphical impression appears on the display panel to engage your senses.


Well, before you experience Leawo's quality, its contemporary UI is the very first element that draws you into its universe. However, after you've used it, you'll understand what a fantastic multimedia player you've got. As a free DVD player for Windows 10, Leawo is capable of playing Blu-ray, DVD, and any other video or audio format with ease. It is capable of playing a clip with stunning quality.

This Windows 10 DVD player is a visual delight as well as a savage whenever it relates to running DVD and Blu-ray discs. Owing to the digital dashboards, you can quickly browse through its clean design and experience an assortment of fantastic-quality material with no problems.

dvd player for windows 10 leawo player

Marked Features

  • 6 multimedia players in one
  • A digital dashboard
  • Supports UHD video formats
  • Customized templates

CyberLink PowerDVD 20 Ultra

CyberLink PowerDVD 20 Ultra is a free DVD player Windows 10 software. It's a one-stop shop that includes sophisticated multimedia software for organizing all of your stuff in a single location. On-demand accessibility to your video collection will be available.
It has the capability of sharing media. On just about any platform, you'll be able to watch Television programs, films, and photographs. Your material will be easy to find by category or even a year of publication using this Windows DVD player.

windows 10 dvd player power dvd player

Marked Features

  • The software has characteristics that allow for smooth playback.
  • It's possible to view on the move.
  • You will be allowed to see your material on any platform, including PCs, televisions, streaming gadgets, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • It provides superior visual and sound performance.

VideoLan VLC Player

VLC requires no special explanation at this stage in its extensive and illustrious existence and a free DVD player for Windows 10. And besides, this Windows DVD player is among the more frequently employed multimedia players on the market nowadays. Nearly every single DVD format may be played with absolutely no difficulty.

The free DVD player for Windows 10 is simple to use, immediately plays any DVD disc you insert, and includes useful functions such as sound synchronization, display capturing, subtitle addition, and more. Its worldwide interoperability has gained it a devoted following of users who see it as one of the greatest media players, let alone a capable DVD player.

free dvd player windows 10 vlc player

Marked Features

  • Plays virtually all codecs without the need for additional codec packages
  • Compatible with all major devices and operating systems
  • Easy to personalize
  • Totally free to operate and is a free DVD player for Windows 10

Free DVD Player

This DVD player Windows 10 software is a fantastic device simply thanks to its convenience. As a free Windows 10 DVD player, it understands what all customers want from a DVD player is a technology that really can recognize any DVD format and stream it for them. In this sense, DVD Player outperforms the competition.

The program mixes a sleek and contemporary UI with a rather strong media engine that lets you watch any DVD disc on Windows 10. Alternative discs, such as VCD and Blu-ray, can also be played by the program.

It also simplifies the method of picking a clip, sound file, or language track. Subtitles may also be readily downloaded from an outside provider and combined with the DVD material viewed on this device.

windows 10 dvd player free dvd player

Marked Features

  • Free DVD player Windows 10 software
  • A unique and efficient graphical interface
  • Impeccably streams any type of information in any manner.
  • Right-click on the ISO disc image file and select Open.
  • Choose a clip, music, or subtitle track to watch.

Player 5K

With its strong UI and much more sophisticated media engine, 5K Player, a free Windows DVD player, anticipates the destiny of video playback technology in several aspects. The program is ideal for playing media files in almost any format, with the added bonus of being able to playback UHD discs.
Aside from that, this DVD player software Windows 10 on which it is available facilitates a comprehensive encounter with tools such as a video producer, DVD ripper and burner, screen recorder, and video downloader.

A 5K Player will display your beloved films or songs in 4K, 1080p, and 360-degree format, which can be honored as the best DVD player for Windows 10.

free dvd player for windows 10 5k player

Marked Features

  • Capable of playing UHD, 4K, and 1080p video formats
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Video editor
  • Video downloader
  • DVD ripper and burner


PotPlayer immediately distinguishes itself against the rest of the pack by offering a feature that allows customers to watch 3D material online. You might stumble upon film DVDs having 3D watching choices; this program enables you to watch these films at home in a very stunning manner.

This Windows DVD player is also pleasing to your eyes, with a well-designed graphical interface that is simple to operate. Aside from 3D, Pot Player empowers users to broadcast or watch various types of material in HD.

This Windows 10 DVD player free of charge has a more customized attractiveness because of capabilities like snapshot capturing, video editing, and configurable interfaces.

windows 10 dvd player free potplayer

Marked Features

  • Capable of playing 3D DVDs
  • Customized settings
  • Faster Hardware
  • Editor of clips

KM Player

With a Korean-language operating version, this Windows 10 DVD player free for users is an excellent fully featured utility that also functions as a DVD player. You can stream video with resolutions up to 8k in practically any codec. That itself would be reason enough to give the gadget a go. Nevertheless, there is a lot extra to see and do here.

This DVD player for Windows 10 has a very simple and highly configurable design, with an endless number of coverings to choose from. You may also insert subtitles, change the sound, alter the pace, take screenshots, and do a lot more with the video material that is now playing. KM Player is just overflowing with features, from streaming HD and 3D films to giving a pleasant UI to improve your experience.

best dvd player for windows 10 km player

Marked Features

  • Easily view three-dimensional and High definition clips
  • Easy-to-use subtitle controls
  • An incredibly simple user layout
  • Customizable
  • An audio producer with a lot of power


Aside from a free Windows 10 DVD player, RealPlayer is a fantastic program based only on its popularity. It can stream UHD material in any format, acquire material from prominent digital information sites like YouTube and TikTok, and assist you in curating a collection that houses all of your multimedia assets in a single, streamlined display.

The one element that genuinely distinguishes it from many other products of its like is its incredible capacity to recognize superstars in a clip playing on its dashboard with only one touch on the face.
It's amazing how quickly it can find all of the data accessible on the internet on the person you saw in the movie. Simply because of this functionality, the program is worth looking into.

free windows 10 dvd player real player

Marked Features

  • Play multimedia documents and CDs in a variety of formats
  • Download videos from the internet
  • Build and manage a collection of file formats
  • An easy function that detects famous faces with a click of the mouse

Summing up

Having known these DVD player Windows 10 applications, I believe that you select beloved one. In addition to playing DVD on PC, there’re also needs for copying DVD as you desired.

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