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Are you looking for a Christmas tree shop where you can find the best Christmas tree for this year? Here you are. This article will show you the best Christmas tree shop that sells Christmas trees, decorations, cards, gifts, and cookies. You can find a Christmas tree shop online as well, and make sure to read public reviews before placing your order. The list also covers shops that sell real/fresh Christmas trees at a reasonable price.

Top 8 Christmas Tree Shops

Below is the list of the top 8 Christmas tree shops that enables Christmas tree purchase:


Walmart is an excellent option to look for artificial yet realistic-looking Christmas trees. Walmart allows you to shop online as well. You can find different brands that sell Christmas trees, National tree company, Trees and trends, Vickerman, Costway, and Gymax LLC. These companies have small to large size artificial Christmas trees, starting from 4ft to 13 ft. You can check the details of the Christmas tree, including color, LED lights, branches, and material that makes up the tree on the website.

Also, different tree types such as Pine, Fir, Cedar, Palm are in stock during the season. You can customize your order by personalizing the Colour and number of LED lights.

christmas tree shop walmart

Price Range: Walmart offers Christmas trees ranging from $22- $1500.


  • Affordable Christmas tree
  • The public review is available to help you find the right Christmas tree
  • Free shipping
  • Explore the online site by checking different options for Christmas tree such as tree type, height, and Colour
  • 30 days return policy


  • Sometimes items might be out of stock

Christmas Tree Shops

You can save 10% on your next Christmas Tree shops purchase. Christmas tree shop coupons can be used from the official site. This year's Christmas tree shop flyer is worth looking for. They offer mind-blowing deals over different Christmas items such as Christmas stools, pillows, cushions, stockings, cutlery, etc. Check out the Christmas tree shop online catalog to avail yourself of amazing Christmas trees and decoration deals. Christmas Tree Shop coupons can relieve your stress if you buy different gifts for your beloved ones.

You can buy cutlery, cushions, furniture, lights, rugs, bedding, kitchen accessories, Garden and pool décor, and much more all in one place. You can view Christmas tree shop hours on the site. Also, you can find and confirm your local store from The Christmas tree shop locations tab. The stores are open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm GMT-5. Get directions from the site and start shopping for this Christmas now.

Price Range: $20 to $1000 for Christmas trees


  • A variety of items are available at one place that including indoor and outdoor.
  • Coupons are available during the holiday season.
  • You can easily track your local store near you from the official site


  • Christmas coupons expire after a specific time
  • Only applicable in the USA


Grab your Christmas tree for this season from Michaels. You can purchase online or from a store. Michaels offers a various style of Christmas tree that includes modern as well as old-school Christmas tree. You can find famous brands here selling artificial Christmas trees such as National tree Company, Ashland, Glitzhome, and Nearly Natural. You can look up the right size and right shape for the Christmas tree. Whether you want to place it indoors or outdoor, Michael is the Christmas tree shop for you.

The best thing about Michaels is it offers a reasonable price for large size Christmas tree. For instance, large size 10-13 ft Christmas tree on Amazon would be around $2000, but a similar height Christmas tree of a different brand would cost about $1700 on Michaels. The other surprising feature is that Michaels offers extra-large size Christmas tree up to 16ft which is quite rare to find on any other Christmas shop.

the christmas tree shop michaels

Price Range: $23 to $1800. The medium size Christmas tree starts at around $600.


  • 24/7 customer support available on the online platform
  • Avail Christmas discounts
  • Free shipping on orders above $49
  • Safe delivery
  • Your delivery reaches you the same day you order


  • Only a few locations get same-day delivery
  • Not a suitable option for small size Christmas trees as they are expensive on Michael


You can shop Christmas trees from Target at a reasonable price, and it offers both online and in-store purchases.

Find your favorite brand by scrolling the brand tag on an online site. Target sells Christmas trees of Threshold, Twinkly, Wondershop, Sullivans, The Lakeside Collection, and many more. Also, Target has partnered with many manufacturers that help customers find the right Christmas tree for their home. The shop offers mini pot 2.2 ft Christmas trees to large size 9ft full Christmas tree. You can order pre-lit or snow-flaked Christmas trees. Also, Target is offering a discount on Christmas items. Check it out before it expires.

the christmas tree shop target

Price Range: $5 to $14000. The large size Vickerman Oregon Fir Artificial Christmas tree costs around $ 13.114.


  • The user-friendly interface of the online store
  • Explore various brands with target plus partner
  • offer Christmas trees at a reasonable price


  • In-store have more options to explore
  • Some products might not be in stock on online store
  • You can pick up your Christmas tree on the spot from the store, but you have to wait 3-4 days for your order from an online store

William Sonoma

If you are planning to buy a real Christmas tree this year, William Sonoma is the best Christmas tree shop for you. However, the company has closed 33 stores because of the excess damage to the environment by cutting thousands of trees every year. Keep in mind freshly cut trees are expensive as compared to realistic-looking artificial trees. Along with Christmas trees, William Sonoma sells Christmas decorations, cookies, and personalized Christmas gifts. From faux to Pine tree William Sonoma have it all. It also sells Christmas pot and twig-style trees. You can explore LED Or pre-lit style trees as well. William Sonoma also sells Balsam manufactures Christmas trees.

christmas tree shop near me william sonoma

Price Range: $30 to $1200. The 9ft fresh Mountain Christmas tree would cost around $190.


  • Best place to buy a Fresh Christmas tree
  • Very low price for an artificial tree
  • It sells pots and twig-style Christmas trees as well.


  • Delivery costs around $50 for a fresh Christmas tree
  • Only delivers orders made before Nov 30


Lowe's, a home improvement Company, offers fresh Christmas trees. You can order online and pick your delivery from Lowe's local store near you. Lowe's sells Christmas trees from different manufacturers such as National tree company, Fraser Hill Farm, and Holiday living. It sells Christmas tee below 5 ft to large trees up to 12 ft. Avail Christmas coupons and saves up to 20%. The sale ends in Jan 2022. You can order a pre-lit Christmas tree. If you visit the local Lowe's store, you can have a better look at different options. Every realistic-looking tree is available at Lowes, whether it's a Pencil, Faux, Pine, Flaked style tree.

A real 7-8 Christmas tree at Lowe's would cost you around $70 - $90. They are not available online, so you have to shop from your local Lowe's store.

the christmas tree shop lowe

Price Range: $26 to $1200.The smallest 2.5 ft Christmas tree costs around $26. With a discount, you can save up to $8.74.


  • Great shop to order fresh Christmas tree
  • Low price for Christmas tree
  • You can check public reviews for fresh trees
  • Over 6 tree species are available in the natural Christmas tree category
  • Large size Christmas trees are less expensive as compared to other shops


  • Fresh Christmas trees are unavailable online


The Christmas tree shop that delivers the best artificial Christmas tree is Amazon. You can shop online, and your delivery gets delivered within 2-3 days. Amazon offers a wide range of Christmas trees. You can check different brands that sell Christmas trees, such as National Tree Company, Puleo International, Senjie. These companies offer small to medium-sized Christmas trees, ranging from 4ft to 9ft.

For large size trees, you can check out Vickerman or Northlight. They sell Christmas trees over 10 ft in height, and the price range for large trees crosses $600.

You can order extra batteries and branches from particular companies such as Turnmeon.

christmas tree shop online amazon

Price Range: $25 to $2500. You can buy a tiny Christmas tree for 25$ and a massive 10 ft artificial Christmas tree for $2000.


  • Easy to place an order
  • Secure delivery in terms of cash and item
  • Reasonable prices available
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Deliver tiny Christmas trees to large size trees
  • Detail about different Christmas trees is accessible from the site.


  • The Colour of the Christmas tree might vary in the picture
  • Some Christmas trees might be out of stock

A Tree To Your Door

If you are looking for a high-quality fresh Christmas tree, A Tree to Your Door is for you. It is a family-owned business and has been serving people for the past 40 years. You can explore so many different tree styles on the online site, and they offer Balsam, Concolor, and Fraser fir in the fresh tree category. Also, the branches and needles have high retention. If you water them and store them the right way as prescribed by the guide, you can use them in the coming seasons.

The best thing about getting the Christmas tree from A Tree to Your Door is getting the tree direct from the farm, and there is no third party. You can find 3 ft to 7.5 ft fresh Christmas trees at a reasonable price.

christmas tree shop online a tree to your door

Price Range: It ranges between $44 to $99.


  • Direct from the grower
  • Secure shipping without third party
  • It won't turn brown easily
  • Along with a Christmas tree, it comes with a free removal bag
  • You can check public reviews to get a better idea


  • Limited options to explore
  • Specific time and days to place an order
  • FedEx fee will be added to your delivery charges

People Also Ask

Q- Which Christmas tree shop sells fresh Christmas trees?

A- A tree to your Door, William Sonoma, and Lowe sell fresh Christmas trees.

Q- Which Christmas tree shop has the fastest delivery?

A- Michaels delivers the same day of placing the order.


All in all, you don’t have to worry about how to look for a Christmas tree shop near and find any reliable shop that enables you to purchase a gorgeous Christmas tree. Check out the list mentioned above for the top 8 Christmas tree shops. Some shops might not have an in-store purchase. Read the full article to decide which Christmas tree shop is best for you. Except for buying a fresh Christmas tree, it is important to decorate it with wonderful Christmas tree ideas.

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