Christmas Tree Ideas: 10 Wonderful Ideas to Create Christmas Tree

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Are you anxiously waiting for Christmas this year? Do you have any Christmas tree ideas? Are you worried about decorating the Christmas tree? If so, then there is no need to panic because we will guide you in this regard. The tradition of using Christmas trees probably started about one thousand years ago in Northern Europe. But the various proofs suggest that it was present during the 16th century in Germany.

Even though a considerable amount of time has passed ever since, the spirit of the Christmas tree is still alive. Not only that, buying Christmas tree and decorating it is constantly increasing day by day. Each year people put their full efforts into decorating Christmas trees minimally or maximally.

According to a well-renowned interior designer Joana Wood, people will be more interested in decorating than buying the trees this year. But before getting into any details about Christmas tree decoration ideas, let's find out why we use Christmas trees.

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Why Decorate a Christmas Tree

Christmas trees go way back in human history. Even before Christianity, there existed a use of trees that remained green throughout the year. These evergreen trees depicted a special meaning of life. People then made fair use of such trees, especially in winter.

Christians celebrate the birth of the beloved Jesus Christ on the 25th of December each year. Although, no one knows the actual birth date of Jesus Christ. But over time, most Christians had agreed on the 25th of December as the day when Jesus was born.

As far as the Christmas tree is concerned, it was never originally a part of Christianity, and instead, it was a cultural thing practiced by pagans to celebrate winter festivals. But unbelievably enough, Christianity absorbed it as its own to a limit that at present, such evergreen plants are primarily associated with Christmas.

But the question we need to understand here is, why do we need to decorate Christmas trees. Well, the most appropriate answer to this question might be the love for Jesus Christ. However, it is believed to have started later, when the church began to put candles on the trees. These candles were later changed to lights and other ornamental substances.

Christmas Trees Decorating Ideas

As discussed earlier, the Christmas tree decoration ideas started when the church first began putting candles on Christmas trees. With time, these decorations also evolved. It is observed that a large number of people, especially in the Christian community, celebrate Christmas by buying and decorating Christmas trees each year. Here we are to provide some elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas to make the festival even more enjoyable.

1. Ombre Color Schemed Christmas Tree

Ombre is an elegant yet straightforward color scheme for so many reasons. It is widely used in drying clothes, but most people do not know that it can also be used to decorate your Christmas tree. Ombre is used to paint the ornaments, and then these painted ornaments are arranged in a specific order on the tree. If you are looking for colorful Christmas tree ideas, this is the right place to start.

christmas tree decorating ideas

The most beautiful thing about this Christmas tree might be that it gives lovely shades of color. Thus, the tree provides an alternation of light and dark colors. Such trees can be decorated into various sections while using just lights and bubbles. The following steps are required to create an Ombre color Schemed tree.

  • Arrange the ornaments with different shades and colors and then plan the design.
  • Put lights in the beginning before adding any other ornament.
  • Place ornaments on the tree with a specific arrangement depending upon their color and size.
  • Add a topper at the top of the tree. If you are looking for Christmas tree topper ideas, these can be in the form of a spear or a star.

2. Use of Large-sized Stars on Christmas Tree

We have often seen Christmas trees flooding with lights, bells, and other ornamental substances. No doubt, they all look great, but for some people, the elegance of a Christmas tree is not just due to the maximal display of lights. In some cases, the simplest decoration can gain the most satisfying response.

Christmas trees can be decorated simply by adding giant-sized stars to the trees. These stars are added according to a specific pattern. In addition to these stars, lights and other ornamental substances may also be added in a calculated amount. Also, it's not compulsory to use giant-sized stars for decoration, and instead, you can use any other shape you see befitting.

3. Use of Flameless Candles

As discussed earlier, the tradition of decorating Christmas trees started with candles by the church. Even today, candles are widely used for beautifying Christmas trees. The candles used today are completely safe as they are flameless. These harmless candles give a captivating dramatic look to the trees. Apart from that, there is no need for additional lights or other ornamental pieces as the candles provide an exceptional look to Christmas trees.

4. Use of Citrus Fruits

Various fruits are also used that can add to the beauty of Christmas trees. These fruits may include dried apples, oranges, and sticks of cinnamon. This kind of Christmas tree decoration idea is simple, and all you need is a specific number of dried fruits. The dried fruit parts are then hung with the tree by using a threat. Moreover, you can also add leaves and other natural materials, but there is no need to overload the tree as it may look too much.

5. Candy-land Themed Christmas Tree

We often come across a sentence that festivals are for children. The saying is true to a great extent as children are the ones who are the most excited about any celebration. They get a chance to get out of the house and enjoy the whole day. Although adults are also given the same opportunity, their excitement is nothing compared to that of children.

Now, the best way to design this kind of tree is by giving a charge to the kids. The ornamental pieces used in such decoration include cookies, donuts, candies, and cupcakes, etc. Some people do not give this job to children as they might go wild on trees. In such cases, you can always give a small tree to kids, provide them with small Christmas tree ideas, and let them have it their way.

6. Do Multiple Layers of Decoration

No doubt, a simply designed Christmas tree looks great, but sometimes it's all right to go maximalist on trees. To create such a tree, add multiple layers of lights that can brighten up the place. Apart from that, other ornamental substances like flowers, bells, and stars are also added.

These trees may consume a large amount of space, so make sure that the room you are using is capacious. Also, adding extra layers does not mean using a bunch of ornaments without any pattern. A specific arrangement is one of the essential things while decorating a maximalist tree.

7. Use of Oversized Baubles

Most people like to decorate a maximalist tree for Christmas. Creating a maximalist tree can be way easier than anticipated, and all you need to do is come up with ideas to add more and more ornamental pieces.
christmas tree decoration ideas

The use of oversized baubles plays precisely the same role. Different colored baubles are added in a large quantity, thus causing an increase in the size and beauty of the trees. However, while creating such oversized maximalist trees, first, you need to make sure you have plenty of space and sufficient height of the ceiling.

8. Using Minimum Decoration

You don't necessarily need to be a maximalist to create a wonderful Christmas tree. Even the simplest of trees with a minimum amount of decoration can provide a delightful view. All you need to do is buy a fresh Christmas tree and decorate it with the least number of ornaments.

These ornaments may be some flower, a few baubles, or very little lightening.

9. Red Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Red is the first color that comes into mind while talking about Christmas. And why not? it is the color that has always been associated with Christmas. Either it's the dressing of our beloved Santa or the color of gift packs, red is found everywhere on Christmas.

Christmas tree, which is considered the spirit of Christmas, can also be designed red. For this purpose, you need to add red-colored stripes, lights, baubles, and other ornaments. Another thing that needs to be remembered is that sometimes, it may become too much when all the room is red. So, you might want to avoid that.

10. White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

There is no denying the fact that white is among the colors that can attract anyone. Many people like to decorate white Christmas trees, and it's mostly because it gives a snowy appearance to the tree, thus reviving the spirit of winter. Discussed below are some of the white Christmas tree theme ideas:

christmas tree topper ideas

A). West Coast Seaside Chic:

The tree is an artificial marvel explicitly designed for Christmas. It consists of silver-lined mercury balls, large shell balls, and seashore ornaments, etc. In addition to these ornaments, we can also add ribbons in a particular pattern.

B). Faux Snow Decoration:

Faux Snow Christmas trees are getting popular day by day, mainly because they are stylish and provide a feeling of snow, thus reviving the spirit of winter. This type of Christmas tree can be of great significance, especially to those into minimalist Christmas trees.

C). Flocked Christmas Trees:

Flocked Christmas trees are covered in the white powdery mixture for most of their part, and this powder seems like the real snow if observed from far. Another good thing about these trees is that they even look great without any decoration. But you can add lights, balls, or other ornamental material if need be.

Ornaments for Christmas trees

Undoubtedly, all the festivals are significant, but the most beautiful thing about Christmas is decorating Christmas trees. It is something about Christmas that people of all ages can enjoy. In some places, decorating Christmas trees is a tradition to enjoy the start of holidays, and can there be a better way to enjoy such a thing?

With minimal effort and determination, even the cheapest Christmas trees can be made to look good. Decorating a Christmas tree involves adding a sure glittering thing with a specific pattern. These things, known as ornaments, may include glittering lights, baubles, snowflakes, stars, etc. Also, it's not only the types of ornamental objects that matter but also the way they are arranged.

In addition to that, Christmas tree garland ideas are extensive as you are able to add garland over the tree and put them at these selected corners of your house. I believe these Christmas tree decorations ideas could inspire you and make your Christmas colorful and unforgettable. A ribbon is the core of ribbon on Christmas tree ideas. Different-color ribbons can be used to decorate your Christmas tree as you desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I put up a Christmas tree?

It mainly depends upon where you are from; for instance, it is done a week after Thanksgiving in America. While in Ireland and UK, Christmas trees are mostly put up on the 6th of December. As far as religious perspective, the Christmas tree should be put up a week after Thanksgiving.

Is it necessary to Decorate the Christmas tree?

Well, we can't say it is necessary to decorate the Christmas tree, and when Christmas trees were used first, they were not decorated. But we can say that it is a good thing to decorate a Christmas tree as it enhances the beauty of Christmas.

What are the trend colors for Christmas trees?

The colors primarily used in the decoration of Christmas trees are green, red, and gold. Apart from that, there are colors like deep green or navy blue that can add to the elegance of the Christmas tree.

Which one is better, natural or artificial Christmas tree?

In most cases, artificial Christmas trees are made up of Poly Vinyl chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane foam. Thus, they are not recyclable and eventually end up in landfill sites. So, we can say that although natural trees can't be used repeatedly each year, they are still better than artificial ones.

Final Thoughts

Christmas, like other festivals, brings people together. Whether white Christmas tree ideas or black Christmas tree ideas, all of them are to make your Christmas brilliant. The purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and it involves buying a Christmas tree and decorating it. Discussed above are some of the unique Christmas tree ideas to beautify your Christmas trees. Also, it's unnecessary to decorate the tree in a maximalist way by spending too much money on ornaments. Even the simplest decoration can create the most beautiful Christmas tree.

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