How to Cartoonize a Photo (Online&Offline) ?

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Sharing photos and videos on social media platforms is very common nowadays. It delivers a positive impact on a life by cartooning the photos of loved ones and friends. Instead of posting the selfies with filters, you can add more humor to the content by cartooning the photograph. There is a lot more to add to the content like adding glasses, picking hairstyles, beard, and more visual effects to cartoonize your photo.

cartoonize a photo

How to Cartoonize a Photo In the PhotoShop(Offline)

With the help of third-party apps on Android and iOS devices, you can easily cartoonize a photo free or video as per your cartoon character choice.

Steps to Cartoonize a Photo in Photoshop:

  1. Select an image in the photo editor.
  2. Convert the image into a smart object.
  3. Go to the filter menu and click for converting into smart filters.
  4. Apply the poster edges effect.
  5. Save the cartoonize photo.

Features of Cartoonize Photo Using Photoshop

Depending upon the photo editing application,the audio and visual effects can be created on the photos. Here are some of the most popular features that you will find in every photo editing application and different ways as how to cartoonize a photo in photoshop. cartoonize photo

  1. Cartoon Photo Maker: With the assistance of one click cartoonizer, you can cartoonize my photo or someone else.
  2. Export for Print at 400 DPI: With the assistance of an adjustable export dial, you can export the images with stunning quality.
  3. Stylize with frames: With the assistance of handcrafted or premade photo frames, you can create custom borders.
  4. Apply artistic masks: With a single click, you can embed, mask photos, florals and artistic patterns on the photos.
  5. Add to scenes with overlay: With falling rainfall, snow overlays, or any other natural scenes, you can decorate the background of images.
  6. Create and organize layers: With the assistance of user-friendly layer panels, you can easily create and organize project layers.
  7. Fine-tune clarity and details: You can control the clarity, sharpness and give a detailed eye-view of the photograph.
  8. Transform with blend modes: Giving a special effect to the photo use the one-click blend modes.
  9. Freehand drawing: With the assistance of brushes and tools, you can add creativity to the photograph.

how to cartoonize a photo

Pros: Most of the applications are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Therefore, you can edit the photos or create videos by using any device such as phone, laptop, iPad, Tablet. The interface of most of the websites is user-friendly and interactive.

Cons: The process of transforming the photos into cartoons is completely automatic. So, how is going to be the finalized version of the photograph is not in your hands. Many times, the photo doesn’t look good.

Online Video Converter for Cartoonizing a Photo

  1. Wondershare Filmora: Through putting up the cartoonize effects on the videos, the presentations and advertisements can be made more engaging and entertaining. With the assistance of AKVIS sketch, Ziggeo, Adobe After Effects, and Video Cartoonizer, the videos can be converted into cartoons.
  2. DVDFab Photo Enhancer Al: It is one of the ultimate and world’s best tools for making photos better. Photo Enhancer AI can upscale the pixelate without losing the quality of the photo. You can also add cartoonize photo effects, reduce the noise, add borders, colorize the photos, and a lot more through Photo Enhancer AI.
  3. Biteable: It is one of the handiest and easy online tools for creating a video. All you need is to upload the photos, arrange them, do the editing, animate, and then export the files. All the biggest MNC companies such as Amazon, Disney, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and many more are using the same online tool for creating videos.

Top Video Editing Software to Cartoonize Your Photo

cartoonize photo effect

  1. FilmoraPro: For easily converting the normal videos and photos into cartoon style, FilmorPro has a cartoon style feature. You can easily alter the brightness, presets, and saturation to make the photo look amazing.
  2. ToonCamera: For iOS users, it is one of the best video editing apps. But, it doesn’t support the iOS 8.1 version. You can easily apply the cartoons, stipple, ink, pencil effect to customize the photograph. By applying visual effects, you can cartoonize photo effect and fine-tune the pictures.
  3. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker: This app is free to cartoonize your photo. You can create videos, sketches, and cartoon a picture. Maintaining high quality up to 1080 pixels of the photos while exporting is the plus point of editing on the Clip2Comic & Caricature maker app

There are a number of options available to cartoonize your photo free. But, depending upon the price, the number of cartoon effects, quality of image, and export features, the decision for choosing and downloading the cartoon app can be taken.


1: How can I add and organize graphics?

Click Graphics on the left menu and add vector graphics or other hand-picked collections. By either double-clicking or dragging, you can insert the graphics to the project.

2: How can I adjust the intensity and other details of an effect?

By simply adjusting the intensity slider over the preview thumbnail, you can adjust the intensity.

3: How can I save and export the file?

In the format of JPG, PNG, and PDF files, the photos can be exported. For saving a file, click Save as Project and hit the Save button.

4: What are the different types of payment methods that can be used on photo editing applications?

Through the online mode (Credit, Debit, UPI, Netbanking) of transfer, the payment on distinct websites can be done.

5: How to convert a sequence of photos into video?

Go to the file location and select the files in order. The order of photographs should be the same as you want it in the video. By clicking Create a Video, automatically a video will be created. If you want to add effects, sound, and animation, then you can do it to make it look more presentable and better.

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