Top Board Games Online for You in 2021

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The COVID 19 pandemic led many of us to get locked in our home and get quarantined. This was the time when the whole world was locked inside their house. During such times, there was only one way to pass time—board games online. Board games came for rescue to a number of people and helped them find relief. Online board games helped people to play with their friends and family remotely. Today, we will cover such board games online play that will help you pass your time when in boredom.

Top Board Games Online for You in 2021

Below is the list for you to play online board games with friends.

1. UNO!

There are hardly many people that haven’t heard of UNO. This classic game is one of the free online board games that users can have today. Users can play board games online like this anytime and anywhere. The best part of this game is it can be played alone or with friends or even with other players. You can play such types of board games online with friends without any prior knowledge. This game is very easy to learn and play. In addition to this, the UNO app comes with new adventures and rules. This increases the fun while playing with friends and family or with strangers. If you are looking for board games to play online with friends UNO! is the best choice since it offers different features. The app runs on iOS and Android.

board games online: Uno


  • Uno Classic Mode (the original game)
  • Rule Your Room (set up a game and play with your friends in one room)
  • Buddy Up (battle between 4 players in teams of 2)
  • Tournaments (be the top Uno gamer by playing in the competition)
  • Go Big or Go Home (the ultimate Uno challenge)
  • Uno Universe (compete with other players all over the world)


  • Users can send gifts and cards to friends
  • The best version of UNO until now
  • New guidelines and rules are simple to understand and learn


  • AI is very hard to defeat. Users complain that the AI cheats sometimes
  • Updates to the app seems to have added more glitches and bugs to the game

2. Monopoly

Probably one of the best online board games for kids, Monopoly is just as classy and elegant as the actual board game that we used to play as kids. If you are searching for board games to play with friends online, Monopoly is the right choice since it offers the same gaming experience as the actual board game. The rules of the game are the same, but users will find it a lot more convenient, easy, and handy. What makes this game one of the best board games online is the “single-player” feature. While using this, users are playing against the stimulating and challenging AI of the app. The app comes with both offline and online “multiplayer” features. While using the offline mode, users’ smartphone acts as the board game, while other players pass it in between turns. The app runs on iOS and Android.

online board games: Monopoly


  • Comes with a "single-player" feature
  • Has challenging and stimulating AI
  • The app has both online and offline "multiplayer" mode
  • Offers a great experience due to the "no ad pop-up" feature
  • Hasbro-approved app


  • Users can chat with one another, which is an advantage if you are on same team
  • Animation and graphics are well-designed and impressive
  • New game features add fun while playing the game


  • The latest app version requires some rework on AI algorithm
  • Some users report that the app is super buggy

3. Codenames

In our list of free board games online, Codenames is the next app that we have for you. While playing the game, players are divided into two teams. They take turns guiding their mates to recognize secret agents hidden among series of codewords. The spymaster must offer the correct clues for the codewords via offering one-word clues, while their mates make the guesses. Ranked as one of the best online board games, the official mobile app of Codenames is yet to be launched. Presently, it supports the “Codenames Gadget” app, which is available online for users to play. The full version of the app with all the themes will be launched soon on iOS and Android.

board games online play: Codenames


  • Local pass and play
  • Online rank and friendly pay
  • Daily challenges
  • New game modes
  • Awards and customizations


  • The app is well-designed and thoughtfully created
  • Random cards and a timer make the game more fun to play


  • Mobile version yet to launch

4. Scrabble GO

One of the most played board games online free, Scrabble delivers authentic gaming involvement. The app is one of the best board games to play online seeing the 4.3 out of 5 ratings both on Google Play and the Apple Store. While playing board games online like Scrabble, users are offered two options: the premium mode and the free mode. The free mode lets you play the game in its original, classic style, apart from some new word games such as Word Drop, Duels, Rush, and Tumbler. Users also get access to Practice Mode, League Leaderboards, and Track Stats.
In premium mode, users can take pleasure of access to exclusive content, an ad-free experience, unlimited use of the Scrabble Scholar boost, rewards for Weekly Challenges, extra Arena Tickets, and full access to the Word Power Meter boost. The app runs on iOS and Android.

online board games with friends: Scrabble GO


  • Authentic gaming involvement for users
  • Offers new word games such as Word Drop, Duels, Rush, and Tumble
  • Premium mode comes with an ad-free experience, unlimited use of the Scrabble Scholar boost, rewards for Weekly Challenges, extra Arena Tickets, and full access to the Word Power Meter boost


  • Provides a week of free premium experience through trial for new users
  • Game variations adds excitement and fun to the gaming experience
  • The app comes with a very competitive AI, making the app more stimulating and challenging


  • Bugs while chatting in multiplayer or cross-platform mode
  • Tons of ads in free mode
  • Name: scrabble.jpg

What board games can you play online?

The above-mentioned board games can be played online. In addition to this, below is the list of additional games that can be played online:

  1. Drawphone
  2. Diplomacy
  3. Android: Netrunner
  4. Catan Universe
  5. Keyforge
  6. Dominion
  7. Secret Hitler

Can you play Monopoly online for free?

Yes, you can play Monopoly online for free. However, having a premium version will offer you tons of extra features, not to mention the ads-free experience.

Can you play Monopoly via zoom?

Yes. It might be complicated to play it via zoom, but with a few changes and adjustments, people can it on zoom. But why take so much trouble when you play it online through multiplayer mode? It is more convenient and handier rather than playing it via zoom.


In a nutshell, you just had a look at the best online board games free. These games will definitely help you in your boredom. Enjoy playing your online board games.

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