Best WiFi Router for Long Range 2021

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Scrolling social media, playing video games, streaming movies on various smart devices without lag or buffering issues is a dream of everyone. But, unfortunately, the expensive data plans and awful WiFi routers ruin the mood. Moreover, they wouldn't give stability to signals in the long ranges.

But, you can save yourself huge trouble and update to the current-generation WiFi router to get excellent WiFi signal strength and enjoy the endless entertainment from the internet. Whether to do the long-hour video calls in-between home chores or playing video games with your friends, you need the best WiFi router for home.

After seeing the flood of routers in the market, it must be hard to decide what is the best WiFi router among them that would stand with all the features they are claiming to offer. So, to save you the annoyance of finding, we have tested and reviewed the best WiFi router 2021.

1.TP-Link WiFi 6 AX1500

Coming in a decent size and basic design, Tp-Link WiFi 6 AX1500 is the best home WiFi router we could find for you. The subtle design and the metallic grills at the front throw an attractive look and provide promising WiFi signal strength to multiple devices. Inspired by iOS devices, TP-Link concerns the users' security, integrating WPA, WPA2, and WPS wireless security protocols to protect the identification and data of connecting networks.

In addition, the MU-MIMO technology in the best WiFi router allows connecting to multiple devices simultaneously without compromising the quality. It is a dual-band four-stream router capable of supporting 300 Mbps data on the 2.4GHz band and 1,201 Mbps speed on the 5GHz band. Besides, the parental control and smart Alexa compatibility are other thoughtful features that help it stand out and make it the best buy WiFi router.

best wifi router: TP-Link WiFi 6 AX1500


  • FDMA channel allows streaming/sharing similar channels on multiple devices
  • Parental controls enable blocking or restricting specific sites and setting up the usage timings
  • Save the power by activating the Target Wake Time feature
  • It offers 1500 Megabits per second data transfer speed


  • Quick setup with Android/iOS supportive app
  • Easy password management
  • Excellent signal strength
  • Appealing WiFi range
  • VPN compatibility by default


  • Lack of USB port

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk 12-stream AX12 WiFi 6 Router

Netgear is a massive name in the router industry and is famous for launching the best WiFi router 2021, again. Though it has an unusual design that we didn't get to see in routers, it still can shock you with its incredible performance. It is a 12-stream WiFi 6 router capable of throwing strong signals up to 3,500 sq. ft. Thus, it secures the title of the best long-range WiFi router to have in homes and offices.

Undoubtedly the best WiFi router is compatible with different Operating systems, including Microsoft 7,10, Mac, XP, Vista, etc., and also offers reasonable wireless security with WPA3 support. In addition, the WiFi speed is spectacular. It allows you to stream unlimited TV shows, movies, play games without any buffering or lag problems. Moreover, as long as your current internet package supports 2Gbps data, it is good to work with them, so you don't bother to look around for different service providers. Finally, the cyber threat protection of Netgear Nighthawk 12-stream protects your data from deadly viruses, frauds, and malware. So, be easy and enjoy WiFi to its full potential.

best wifi router for long range: NETGEAR Nighthawk 12-stream AX12 WiFi 6 Router 


  • 2.2GHz quad-core fast processor complements the WiFi speed
  • Easy setup with Alexa support
  • Best WiFi router for large homes as covers up to 3,500 sq. ft
  • Five Ethernet ports for stable wired connections in offices
  • Excellent security protocols


  • Dedicated app for navigation
  • SmartConnect option
  • Attractive and powerful build quality
  • No risk of viruses and data leakage while connecting to the devices
  • Compatible with all internet service providers


  • No parental controls

3. ASUS WiFi Gaming Router

After the best WiFi router for home, you must think about which one you should get for gaming or the best WiFi router for gaming that you can trust and rely on for your entertainment. Finally, we have this ASUS RT-AC5300 WiFi router. This tri-band modem seamlessly connects to all the latest and old gaming consoles and delivers stable WiFi signals. You can expect a smooth gaming experience by joining this best WiFi router as it offers up to 5334Mbps speed, which is wow!

However, the router is quite heavy and attracts your glance in the room because it may require a dedicated space to sit. Still, the eight antennas at the top are there for a reason and strive hard to ensure signal stability and delivery no matter how many devices you connect simultaneously. Also, you can call it the best WiFi router for long-range as the signals reach 5,000 sq. ft. of space, including heavy walls without compromising the signal quality. In addition, the SmartConnect feature optimizes the WiFi speed according to the devices and usage to ensure smooth use.

ASUS WiFi Gaming Router 


  • NitroOAM tech for fast speed
  • Alexa support for navigation, setup, and control of the router
  • Parental controls and compatibility with AiMesh tech is pleasing
  • Unlimited Internet security is another attractive addition
  • Long space coverage with excellent signal strength and no compromise on WiFi speed


  • It comes with a dedicated app
  • High-security protocols
  • USB 2.0, 3.0, and Four LAN ports
  • It ensures s smooth gaming experience
  • Alexa support


  • Large and heavy
  • A little expensive

4. Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Switch 8-Port Router

This terrific multi-use metallic WiFi router is ready to address all your home and office network needs. With the attractive design having white matte finishing, it will also complement the interior décor of your home or house. Besides, it contains 8 Ethernet ports that allow you to connect to PCs, gaming consoles, or other smart devices to ensure signal stability and fast speed.

In addition, you can also use an UniFi controller to monitor all the devices you would connect to the router to optimize the performance and consumption level efficiently. Also, the Guest Portal and Hotspot support let others connect to the network without interfering or making changes to the device. So, you can say that the best WiFi router ensures security protocols to save you from any online threat. This best WiFi router is ideal and budget-friendly for offices and homes where many digital devices are working and require a stable connection.

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Switch 8-Port Router


  • It offers Auto-sensing of PoE+
  • Manage all the devices via UniFi controller
  • Excellent security protocol via the Guest portal
  • Best WiFi router for multiple devices


  • The build quality is impressive
  • Bunch of Ethernet ports
  • Non-blocking line rate
  • Budget-friendly


  • It creates annoying fan noise

5.Linksys EA7500 Dual-band WiFi Router

We couldn't stop adding this to our list of the best WiFi router 2021. The simple-looking router with three antennas standing offers 1,500 sq. ft. coverage of WiFi signals without compromising the strength and quality. It also works remarkably well with more than 15 devices simultaneously. In addition, it allows you heavy-streaming without buffering or experiencing a lag. Moreover, setting up the router does not require effort as it comes with a dedicated app that offers quick setup and password management sources.

In addition, MU MIMO technology ensures all the devices get the same WiFi speed, and no device faces any trouble while connecting. When we talk about the speed, the dual-band router speeds up to 1.9 Gaps, breaking into 600 Mbps speed at 2.4Ghz and 1300 Mbps at 5 GHz. Another power move of the router is having a wireless 802.11ac speed, also known as 5G WiFi, making the streaming and downloading process more smooth with WiFi.

Linksys EA7500 Dual-band WiFi Router


  • Fast throughput at 2.4Ghz.
  • It is compatible with almost all the serves and devices, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Appealing security protocols, including WEP, WPA2-PSK
  • Data transfers at a speed of 1900 Megabits per second


  • Plenty of Ethernet ports for wired connections
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Compelling build quality
  • Incredible signal strength
  • Best WiFi router for range


What points to consider before choosing the best WiFi router for home?

After deciding the budget, check if the router is compatible with your ISP. Then, double-check the signal range according to your house and requirements. At last, it should not compromise on security matters.

Will a new router increase my internet speed?

Well, your internet speed depends on your package plan. However, the router can enhance the WiFi quality and ensure a stable connection on multiple devices.

Which brand makes the best WiFi router for spectrum?

You can trust TP-Link, Netgear, Asus for the WiFi routers for multiple uses. All the brands and their products mentioned above offer pleasing network connections.


Who does not use an internet connection nowadays? It is the 21st century, and the need for the internet is rising with every passing second. Apart from all the data plans that seem expensive, getting the best WiFi router is a thoughtful decision. It is also a piece of necessary equipment for a home security system.

So, here are some suggestions for you after a thorough study and experience. They will surely satisfy all your wireless internet connectivity needs by providing fast speed and stable connections on multiple devices. Don't forget to mention which one you chose and why.

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