Best Hollywood Movies You Should Keep on Your Watch List

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Are you ready with your popcorn bowl? Here, we are prepared with the list of the best Hollywood movies. You can find your favorite genre includes action, horror, sci-fi, adventure, drama, romance, and so on. If you want to spend your free time watching the best Hollywood movies of all time, read the article, pick one and click on the play button.

Hollywood is the powerhouse of entertainment, and you can find premium movies with exclusive content that glued you till the end. The best Hollywood movies contain a unique storyline, unexpected turns and twists, superb characterization, beautiful outdoor picturization, and surprising climax. And if you watch the best Hollywood movies of all time, the content will strike your thoughts and compel you to think profoundly.

Such charismatic film industry has gifted many classic movies that became legendary creations for all time, and watchers of all ages acclaimed them with applauding hands. We make the list of 10 best Hollywood movies you must keep in your wish list and watch one by one in your leisure time.

10 Best Hollywood Movies You Must Watch


one of the best hollywood movies rocky

Director: John G Avildson

Star Casts: Sylvester Stallone

Talia Shire

Burt Young

Carl Weathers

Genre: Action, sports, drama

Rating: 8.1/10

Storyline: Rocky Balboa living his livelihood collecting debt on behalf of his master, but boxing is his passion. People know Rocky, and he tried his luck to become 'Somebody' inside the boxing ring. One day heavyweight champion Apollo Creed visits Philadelphia, and his manager set an exhibition match to fight with the struggling boxer in the town. The movie fetches critically acclaimed across the world.


one of the best hollywood movies of all time Jaws

Director: Steven Speilberg

Star Casts: Roy Scheider

Robert Shaw

Richard Dreyfuss

Lorraine Gary and others

Genre: Adventure, Thriller

Ratings: 8/10

Storyline: On Amity island, a white shark targets the fishermen, the swimmers, and the beach people who come to enjoy the sunshine. To terminate the shark and free the beach area, a shark hunter Quint come forward. Soon Matt Hooper and Broody from Oceanographic Institute join Quint, and they arrange the things to either catch it or kill it to save the innocent people.


one of the best hollywood movies psycho

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Star casts Anthony Perkins.

Janet Leigh

Vera Miles

John Gavin

Genre: Horror, thriller, mystery

Ratings: 8.5/10

Storyline: Marion Crane lives a monotonous and routine life working in a bank. She wants to marry and settle down, but her boyfriend is not ready financially. Suddenly Marion gets unethically forty thousand dollars and takes it as an opportunity to start a new life with her boyfriend. She starts towards his town, but on the way, she faces natural calamity and is forced to stop at a highway motel to stay the night. The motel runs by a handsome man, but he's under the control of his mother. Soon the story turns out to be a horrific climax.

Jurassic Park

one of the best hollywood movies of all time Jurassic Park

Director: Steven Speilberg

Star Casts: Sam Neil

Laura Dern

Jeff Goldblum

Richard Attenborough and others

Genre: Sci-fi, adventure

Ratings: 8.1/10

Storyline: John Hammond invites his close people, along with his two grandchildren, to visit his dream project Jurassic Park where he made a dinosaur clone. The research is going on when one of his employees tried to steal the dinosaur embryos, but the critical system failed. Even more critical is due to power failure, the island becomes the free-roaming site of the enormous dinosaurs. Struggle for existence begins from here.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

hollywood best action movies Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Star Casts: Tom Cruise.

Rebecca Ferguson

Jeremy Renner

Simon Pegg and others

Genre: Action, adventure

Storyline: CIA chief Hunley convinces the Senate committee and disavows the IMF, stating that the IMF becomes too reckless and dangerous to a country. Ethan Hunt, the prime member of IMF, took the challenge and began a hunting exploration behind a cruel conspiracy against the government. He formed his team, planned the strategy, and worked to crack the mystery of Syndicate.

The movie is a part of the Mission Impossible franchise. It is considered one of the best action Hollywood movies because of its stunt, magnificent bike chasing scenes and surprising climax before the end.


one of the best hollywood movies titanic

Director: James Cameron

Star Casts: Leonardo Di Caprio

Kate Winslet

Billy Zane

Kathy Bates and others

Genre: Romance, drama

Ratings: 7.8/10

Storyline: After 84 years of the black night, the gigantic ship Titanic sank and claimed many lives in the chilled water of the Atlantic Ocean; the heroine Rose narrates her story to her granddaughters and a group of people who explore the broken parts of Titanic from the ocean bed. It's a love story of Rose, the elite class girl, and Jack, a poor artist, and their sad and short love story.

It's a romantic movie of Hollywood of all time that expresses the eternal thoughts of never-ending pure loves. If you want to watch these movies online free of cost, you can check the post.

James Bond: Skyfall

one of the best hollywood movies 007 skyfall

Director: Sam Mendes

Star Casts: Daniel Craig

Javier Bardem

Judi Dench

Naomie Harris

Genre: Action, suspense, thriller

Ratings: 7.8/10

Storyline: James Bond's last assignment fails, and the position of M is challenged by MI6 and the new chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee. M can only trust her ally, Bond; he takes the responsibility and follows a mysterious suspect, Tiago Rodriguez. Soon Tiago breaks the jail and successfully elope. James's new mission exposes his cruel intention and saves M from the humiliation she already faced. Miss Eve Moneyponey shares her own responsibility and goes with James to unfold the mystery.

James Bond is a series of movies that Hollywood makes after every 3 to 4 years gap with a new mystery to solve. The Bond series is known as one of Hollywood best action movies.


one of the best movies to watch hollywood joker

Director: Todd Philips

Star Casts: Joaquin Phoenix

Robert De Nero

Francis Conroy

Brett Cullen

Genre: Crime thriller

Rating: 8.4/10

Storyline: Arthur Fleck is a stand-up comedian and a clown by profession but a mentally distressed soul. Society does not accept him the way he is and rejects him brutally. His mental scar becomes deadly, and he chooses the path where he does not care what others think about him, the crime. Sooner he finds himself where he never intended to go.

The story depicts the critical human behavior that reacts and respond to his surrounding.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

one of the best hollywood movies terminator 2

Director: James Cameron

Star Casts: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Linda Hamilton

Edward Furlong

Robert Patrick and others

Genre: Action, Sci-fi

Rating: 8.5/10

Storyline: The story is about who rules the universe, man or machine. Later the fight starts between two machines with a different purpose. Supercomputer Skynet sent the robot machine T-1000 to kill John Connor, a healthy boy responsible for saving the universe in the future. At the same time, John and her mother face the T-1000 Terminator, who repeatedly attacks both to kill them. But eventually, another terminator, its robotic identical comes to rescue them from the danger.


one of the best hollywood movies of all time inception

Director: Christopher Nolan.

Star casts: Leonardo Di Caprio

Joseph Gordon L.

Elliot Page

Ken Watanabe and others

Genre: action, adventure, thriller

Rating: 8.8/10

Storyline: Dom Cobb is expertise in stealing ideas from an individual when he is in subconscious mode. The skill drives his own life into a disaster. But he gets another chance to reshape his life. This time he will not steal anything but plant something heinous in someone's mind. There's no enemy here until he comes who Cobb only can see and protect his plan.

The storyline is complicated, which is associated with corporate life that includes a game of subconscious mind.

All these ten movies considered are the best movies to watch Hollywood.

FAQ: Ask us what you want to know

What are the best Hollywood movies to watch?

It depends on your genre. If you love action, thriller, adventure, you can watch the James Bond series, Mission Impossible series, and Terminator series of best action movies Hollywood.

What are the best Hollywood movies 2021?

F9, Venom 2, James Bond: No time to die, etc., movies are the best movies in 2021 Hollywood that acclaimed international attention and do good business even in post-pandemic theatre culture.

What are the best action movies in Hollywood?

There are many, but if you want to watch a new action movie, you can pick the No time to Die James Bond series. The movie gets a tremendous response as Daniel Craig finally leaves the Bond franchise, and it's his last Bond movie. A well-written script, fantastic action sequence, and a dramatic climax are the gifts from the leaving Bond this year.

Concluded Part

The best Hollywood movies are always power-packed with entertainment material. Characters in those best Hollywood movies of all time are favorites for all ages and remembered for a long time. With all these entertainment packages, viewers love to watch repeatedly and even build their own movie library. The remaining few days of 2021 can be funfilled while you watch the best movies 2021 Hollywood with your family and friends together.

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