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While PC gaming is usually associated with relatively expensive software and hardware, few best free games on PC offer the same experience free of cost. Free-to-play has been increasingly becoming more popular over the years with many companies switching over to free-to-play models after subscription based services became less popular. These "free-to-play" game developers make money through micro-transactions, such as buying in-game currency (gold, credits, etc.) in order to receive special items in game or even whole new characters.

The key difference between these two types of business models (subscription vs. free-to-play) is that in a free-to-play model, the user does not have to pay, but they can pay for special items, features, etc. Similarly, the following best free games for PC are either completely free to play or offer free trial through downloadable content without compromising on gameplay quality.

What free games are fun on PC? Which game is best for PC free download? Let’s dive into this valuable list of the best PC games free for download.

1. Rocket League

Unlike some of the best free games PC supportive, Rocket League is a great multiplayer game with zero violence that has won awards for being one of the best online sports games ever created. It is more than just racing cars on an artificial surface. Players can play soccer or football with cars while having great fun and fierce competition. The game is now available on PS4 too. Rocket League is so popular that it even has its own World Championship.

Rocket League is a new game that has taken the gaming world by storm. The concept of the game is simple, but it is very hard to master. Players play as futuristic vehicles and try to put a huge ball in the other team's goal while stopping them from putting it in theirs. It sounds easy enough but this game quickly gets really competitive because every match will come down to split-second decisions.

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2. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Like many best free to play PC games, this game is a remake of an indie game with the same name made in 2011. It is a top down shooter which combines elements from twin stick shooters and rouge-likes. A major difference between most other best games is the fact that the player plays as a kid fighting to survive after his mother hears God telling her she must sacrifice him for her sins. With over 400 power ups and many different possible endings, this is one unique experience like no other.

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3. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush was first released on mobile devices but now it is available on PC. The game starts off feeling like 2D tower defense game but offers much more than simple gameplay. In fact, it is a perfect blend of strategy and action which also comes with two expansion packs for free – one of which has zombies as well. Kingdom Rush is a game with fantasy elements published by Ironhide Game Studio and developed by animators that previously worked at Warner Bros. Thus, you can still seek fun from this best PC games free download for certain features.

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4. Faerie Solitaire

For solitaire game lovers, it is the same classic card game but with 25 different cards to collect, each with their own unique abilities, making each level feel new and exciting. Faerie Solitaire also has over 200 levels of gameplay, allowing it to last quite a long time before getting repetitive or boring. The game is easily re-playable for many hours, thanks to its fun, addicting nature.

Faerie Solitaire is a single player card game that can be played for free online as other best PC games free. There are 20 levels to play through in the free version of the game which have pre-determined decks available, but there are also over 50 single-player challenge levels with special rules or win conditions which must be unlocked through playing other levels.

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5. Diablo 2

Everyone knows that Diablo 2 is amazing and is truly one of the best games ever made. It has so many different elements, which have been mixed together perfectly enough to give credit where it is due. Even with its harder difficulty level, each level feels rewarding and fun, thanks to its addicting nature of clicking mouse repeatedly while mindlessly staring at screen for hours.

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6. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is incredibly addictive simulation game that will make it onto any 'best free pc games' list. The game is a fun and addicting simulation game where players build a fallout vault in order to protect the residents from the harsh wastelands. The best part about the game is the easiness, even if players have never played a fallout game before; they will still be able to enjoy it without much effort. Fallout Shelter really does show the strength of mobile gaming platform even when one of the finest best games for PC free is now available on mobile devices too.

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7. Dragon Age 2

As the second game of the Dragon Age, DA2 was an epic sequel. The game is set in Ferelden, one year after the events of the first game. The hero of this story is Hawke (the player can choose his or her name), who fled Ferelden with his family during the fifth blight and settled in Lothering, before they moved to Kirkwall. During their trip, they had to face bandits, darkspawns and demons - but none were as dangerous as their own brother Anders. After the death of their mother, it became clear that there are many secrets about Hawke's past.

People would all agree that Dragon Age 2 is amazing like the first game. Dragon Age is much like Elder scrolls games in which all games have their own unique storylines for players to explore. They also let players interact with companions who slowly become friends, and even lovers.

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8. The Sims 4

For players who wanted to live dream life in a virtual world, this game is definitely an excellent idea. Sims is one of the best free PC games 2021, where players can create any person or family, choose appearance and actions. It doesn't matter if it is just one household or an entire city full of characters; there is much freedom to do whatever pleases the players. The only disadvantage about this game is the virtual price of items. Once players build a nice house or place, it can be quite expensive to actually buy anything other than the smallest objects which barely have any impact on gameplay at all. The free trial is downloadable like many best PC games free download online.

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9. DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online game gives gamers the chance to become their very own hero after being sucked into a parallel universe where just about every single superhero has already been created, and they need help to save the day. With over 100 different super powered abilities, there are surely many hours of fun gameplay, especially if you can get a friend to join in with you.

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10. Robocraft

This is one of the best free games PC and a very unique top-down style of game where players get to build their own robot to take it into battle against other robots. Players start off inside garage where only blocks are available to upgrade, however as much as required. With unlimited possibilities, there are surely going to be many different styles of robot built by every gamer out there, which will make gameplay even more exciting. Waiting for the next update means more new features for Robocraft too.

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Up to now, you might have gained a bird’s view of the top 10 best games for PC free download. Some of them might not deserve the title of “best free PC games”, but they do offer much fun to you when it comes to the storyline of the game itself.

PC gaming with large screen can always fill people with enthusiasm; while the best PC games free of cost will be much more captivating. Read through the above list of the best free games on PC, and you will feel amazed at their downloadable content.

One more word, there might be some times when you want to play games on your mobile devices, be it in transit or on a tour. Go ahead to check the best mobile games to enrich your daily lives.

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