Top 6 Best Anime Streaming Sites You Must Know 2021

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Are you having a difficult time finding the best free anime streaming website? Well, all your worries end today. We have handpicked some of the best anime streaming sites so that you can have a ball watching your favorite anime series without having to worry about whether you’d be able to find a suitable platform to stream them for free or not.

Anime might not be popular as contemporary movies, but it still has its place in the hearts of fans. More often than not, finding the right good anime streaming site to stream your favorite anime can be arduous. But with the free anime streaming sites in this article, it doesn't have to be. Here, the following researched websites that provide free anime streaming services will benefit you a lot. Use any of the free anime streaming sites from this list and dive into the world of seamless anime streaming.

What is Anime?

Anime is a type of hand-drawn and computer animation that originated in Japan. Anime is a term used in Japan to designate all animated works, regardless of style or origin. However, outside of Japan and in English, anime is colloquial for Japanese animation and particularly refers to animation created in Japan.

What is anime streaming

The primary characters in Japanese comic books and video cartoon animation have big doe-like eyes. Anime is the most common style of Japanese comic books or manga. Plus, free anime streaming websites are very popular nowadays, especially among hardcore anime fans.

The 6 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites Out There

Before streaming anime for free using a free anime streaming site, you need to make sure that the said website allows a high-quality anime streaming service. This is crucial in having an enjoyable time watching anime. Below are some of the best anime streaming sites that you can easily find on the internet.

1. Funimation

Funimation is a great free anime streaming website that caters to regions in which the English language is prevalent. It prides itself on having a vast collection of several English dubbed anime series. This anime streaming free website offers the latest updates of an anime series that is being aired in a specific series and isn't slow at updating its collection. You can find thousands of completed and ongoing series at Funimation. Thus, make the best of its free anime streaming services.

Best free animation streaming site: Funimation


  • Provides free anime streaming services.
  • Specializes in English dubbed anime.
  • It updates its collection regularly, and you can find almost every anime over here.
  • Amazing interface and easy to navigate to your favorite anime.
  • HD content.
  • Offers an anime and manga store.
  • It also provides access to anime games and other collectibles.


  • It only has English dubbed content.
  • You’d have to buy a subscription to get an ad-free experience.

2. provides amazing anime streaming services and provides free anime streaming for its users. You can find both new and old anime series on this website. This anime streaming site boasts of its stellar user interface and its comprehensive navigation mechanics. You can easily find the anime series of your choice by applying relevant filters while searching.

paid and free anime streaming services

Also, the anime streaming service site arranges all of its anime collections in alphabetical order, so if you're a fan of conventional findings, you can easily do that here too. Furthermore, like the above-mentioned anime streaming websites, is also quick to update its collections.


  • A sleek user interface.
  • It is featured in both light and dark modes.
  • It offers you to change languages.
  • Features filter so that you can find your favorite anime easily.
  • Offers its one of the best anime streaming services for free.


  • Users have complained of a slow loading time.
  • Ads may be a problem.

3. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming sites and also provides an anime and manga store to live up to anime fans' expectations. It has been around for a while now and definitely knows the ins and outs of providing its users the best free anime streaming services. Crunchyroll was among the first anime streaming websites ever to bring anime trends into Western culture. Being a stellar anime streaming site, it has licenses to boast of its anime collection and manga properties.

best anime streaming site


  • It is one of the best anime streaming platforms and provides premium anime streaming services.
  • Features a blog dedicated exclusively to anime on its website.
  • It offers an anime and manga store to die-hard fans of anime.
  • Possesses licenses to the most popular anime series.
  • Has a sleek interface.


  • Its services may not totally be free of cost – after a 14-day trial; you'd have to purchase a subscription if you wish to continue with this anime streaming site.

4. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is best for anime streaming free of cost and is one of the best free anime streaming sites. It provides free anime streaming services at high-quality and allows you to choose from multiple servers to stream anime if one of the links is broken.

anime streaming free of cost


  • Features the latest anime and also keeps on frequently updating its previous collection.
  • There’s an anime community that you can become a part of.
  • Has multiple servers to choose from.
  • Anime streaming in 1080P.


  • There is nothing else to the anime streaming website other than offering a good anime streaming service and announcing new anime titles.
  • Doesn't have a great user interface.
  • Some links to the anime video may be broken.

5. AnimeDao

AnimeDao is referred to as the best anime streaming site by some of its users. It offers free and swift anime streaming services. AnimeDao is a free anime streaming platform that also believes in forming communities consisting of only the hardcore anime fans like its predecessor in our list. Unlike many other anime streaming websites, AnimeDao offers great speeds to its users. Also, it has a promising user interface and has an incredible navigation system.

best free anime streaming site


  • A decent user interface with easy navigation.
  • Provides its anime streaming service in HD quality.
  • It is aware of the recent developments in the anime industry and keeps updating its anime storage.
  • It offers multiple servers to link to your favorite anime.


  • Nothing much to this best anime streaming site other than access to anime videos and online communities.

6. is best for anime streaming free of cost. It even offers an anime streaming app for its mobile users. As one of the best anime streaming sites, offers a great user interface and easy navigation to its users. It features both old and new anime and isn't slow to receive updates on the latest anime. You'll find different anime series organized according to their alphabetical order, release date, and popularity. Also, it doesn't entertain too many ads either.

best anime streaming free of cost


  • A catch and sleek user interface.
  • Provides a comprehensive navigation system to its users.
  • Provides access to its online anime community.
  • You can find your favorite anime by applying filters.
  • Is swift in receiving updates and providing its user with the latest anime titles.
  • Users don't complain of annoying ads.
  • Offers an anime streaming app.


  • Users complain of a slow website loading time.

Final Verdict

Anime is more popular in Western culture today than it ever was in the past. People find these Japanese animations thrilling and highly entertaining, and they aren't wrong about that. Some people may even rank anime above any other movies or animations that are being released today.

Anime series pack a boatload of excitement, thrill, suspense, and adventure. This is what makes the blood of its fans pumping. However, many anime fans complain of not being able to find a suitable website for seamless anime streaming. For that reason, we have made this anime streaming list especially for them. Now's the time to indulge in your favorite anime by choosing from one of the best.

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