Best Android Music Players You Should Use in 2021

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A perfect music player for Android is essential for one who loves music because music is one of the major parts of everyone’s life. And with the advent of smartphones in the past few years, music has become available to everyone. People can listen to their favorite music anytime using an Android music player available on the smartphone. However, most of the built-in players do meet the users’ expectations. Therefore, it is necessary to install the best Android music player. Having trouble finding the best music player for Android? Our list below will make things simple for you. Have a look:

Here is the list of the best music player for Android that you can use in 2021.


Spotify can be regarded as the best music player app for Android and also acts as a streaming service. The major reason why people use this app is that users can download songs within it. Next, users can also listen to them while offline. Another reason for using this app is that you will get amazing recommendations for songs. The app lets you download your favorite songs to play without the Internet. The app has share features, a playlist creator, multiple themes, and a band equalizer. Users get over 53 million songs as recommendations along with some new suggestions.


  • Offline listening
  • Millions of podcasts and songs are available for free
  • The paid version offers exclusive access to new music
  • Available on desktop, mobile, or via the web
  • “Family” plan comes with a separate app for children


  • Separate app for children
  • Free version


  • Contains ads
  • No support for high-res audio files

android music player spotify


Are you looking for the best free music player app for Android that can be used for literally playing any kind of media? VLC is the right choice for you. This app can play all your audio as well as videos easily. It offers the best videos and pictures and is compatible with most types of media. Everything about this music app is just amazing. Some amazing features that come with the app are a sleep timer, playing speed adjuster, and tag editor. The app supports voice commands for some devices and the upcoming version is claimed to have a personalized home screen with colorful themes


  • Shows support for 3D audio and 360° video
  • Enjoy video as well as audio with subtitles
  • Media library for videos and audios
  • Plays audio and videos of any format
  • Shows your search history


  • Search history
  • Subtitles feature
  • Supports Android TV
  • Plays files in all formats
  • Free
  • No ads

• No support for Android 4.3 and below

best android music player VLC

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a music player Android application and also works for desktop, iOS, and web. The music player is powered by the eCommerce giant Amazon. The app also shows support for in-car entertainment systems operating systems such as Apple Car or Android Auto and supports wireless speakers, too.


  • More than 2 million songs and podcasts for the free version
  • Users can stream in Ultra HD and HD quality
  • More than 2000 curated playlists for users available readily
  • Users get Alexa voice recognition with the app
  • The platform also pays artists $00.00402 for each stream


  • Alexa voice recognition
  • Hi-Resolution audio
  • Curated playlists


  • No Ad-free playback and unlimited skips in the free version
  • The music library is small as compared to competitors

best music player for android amazon music

YouTube Music

Google earlier discontinued its Google Play Music and started YouTube Music instead. This was a great step forward. This free music player for Android is the go-to app for a seamless experience and favorite music streaming. Users can listen to the music present on their smartphones. In addition to this, they can also listen to millions of songs from YouTube. Using the paid version, users get to listen to audios as well as videos on YouTube while keeping the screen off. The app has a simple UI with plain and simple colors, making it more attractive for users.


  • A different section of trending music
  • The app suggests music as per your location, taste, and time of the day
  • You can subscribe to your favorite artists
  • Users can listen to ad-free and offline music with the paid version
  • Enjoy shuffled and normal playback


  • Free trial version available
  • Suggest music according to your taste


  • Ads present in the free version

music player for android youtube music


This Android music player app offers users a very exciting experience while hearing to music as compared to any other Android app. AIMP lets you play audio from your internal as well as external memory without any problems. It is lightweight, stylish, and free. The app supports most music formats and is equipped with desktop widgets and band equalizers. It also has playback control, lock-screen function, and sound balance. In addition to this, the app offers CUE sheets, custom themes, and Open CL support.


  • Allows users to control playback with earphones
  • Enjoy shuffled and normal playback
  • Users can set a timer for the playlist to stop anytime
  • Offers multi-language interface
  • Users get built-in themes
  • Allows you to set music as your ringtone


  • Free version available
  • Shows support for multiple languages
  • A bookmark feature lets you listen to music from where you left it
  • Different band equalizer to set the frequency as per your needs


  • Disorganized options screen

best music player for android AIMP


Musicolet is the next app on our list of best Android music players. The app is expected to change your music experience on Android forever. This app is very simple to install and does not come with any annoying ads similar to other music players. The app lets you hear your favorite local music and rename or copy your folders. The app also operates offline, which indicates you do not need to be dependent on the Internet to listen to songs. Musicolet also displays playlists and lyrics. It offers shortcuts and shows support for headset control. It also features a sleep timer, locks the screen, and offers a search bar.


  • Create and name folders of playlists within the app
  • Hear offline songs
  • Needs less RAM as compared to other apps
  • Users can fast-forward using earphones
  • Users can make different playlists and listen from where they left


  • Lesser need of RAM
  • No requirement for Internet
  • No ads
  • Available for free


  • Plays only music stored on your smartphone

best android music player Musicolet


Q: Which music player is best for Android?
A: As per our list, Spotify is the best music player for Android.

Q: What's the best free music player for Android?
A: As per our study, VLC is the best free music player for Android.

Q: Which music player is best for Samsung?
A: Any of the above-mentioned apps will suit your Samsung mobile phone.


Well, listening to music cannot be stopped under any circumstances. With our list of best free music player app for Android, users get the chance to listen to their music without any trouble and with a smooth experience. So, hurry up and get your choice of the best music player app for Android to listen to your favorite music. If you want to get the best music listening experience, I believe these apps will help you a lot.

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