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However, Amazon Prime Video is dependent on the speed and stability of your internet connection. If the connection becomes weak, the quality of the videos decreases drastically to ensure that there is no buffering. Or you may want to watch videos that are available in Amazon Prime Video, but you don’t have an internet connection at that moment.

In such situations, an Amazon downloader comes handy. You can download videos from Amazon Prime Video so that you don’t have to depend on your internet connectivity all the time. Plus, you can download Prime exclusives and share those videos with your friends and family.

Today, we will talk about the best Amazon video downloader that you can use to download shows and movies from Amazon Prime Video on your hard drive and watch them on the go.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader

StreamFab Amazon Downloader provides excellent service when it comes to downloading videos from any website or streaming platform. This Amazon Prime Video downloader can download any video available on Amazon quickly.

Do you want to watch some shows that aren't available in your region? And you don’t have a fast enough internet connection to have a smooth experience when watching those videos using a VPN? Well, you don’t have to worry. This Amazon Video downloader has your back.

All you need to do is to get the link for that specific movie or TV series, and this Amazon downloader will download the videos for you.

You will be able to download movies and TV shows from any location around the world, including the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, etc.

One of the primary reasons why you need an Amazon Prime downloader is because you want the best playback experience and want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in the highest quality. And that’s what StreamFab is giving you. It allows you to download and save your collection of movies and TV series that are available in Amazon Prime Video in high quality for those times when you don’t have a good internet connection.

You can download these videos in quality of 1080p with EAC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0 audio to get the best watching experience. Plus, you can even download these videos in H.264 and H.265 codecs. It is entirely up to you.

IMDB TV videos are notorious for inserting annoying ads in their shows and videos. No matter whether you are a free or paid customer, IMDB TV will still sneak in ads. This can be quite annoying since it hampers the watching experience.

What to do to avoid it? Simply download the video. Using this Amazon downloader app, you can simply download these IMDB videos to watch them at the best quality without worrying about the ads.

A lot of the movies and TV shows that are available on the streaming platform have multiple options for audio tracks and subtitles. However, downloading all of the tracks and subtitles is unnecessary and consumes space. Instead, you can just download only the audio tracks and subtitles that you need.

Using this Amazon photo downloader, you will be able to select only the subtitles and audio tracks that you want. When you are downloading a movie or TV show Amazon Prime Video using this Amazon downloader, you can pre-select to download exactly the audio and subtitles that you want. If you want, you can download more than one or all of the subtitles and audio tracks that are present there.

Do you want the subtitles to be separate .srt files that you can transfer or share with someone? Or do you want to integrate the subtitles directly into the videos by remixing them? Using this Amazon downloader, you can select whether you want to download the subtitles separately or remix them into the video.

If you are downloading a TV series, you may see that it has multiple seasons, and each season has multiple episodes. One reason why you should choose this Amazon video downloader is that it can download multiple episodes in a batch very efficiently.

Once you switch to Batch Mode, you can download all the episodes and seasons simultaneously without placing each link and downloading them one by one.

You might be wondering that movies with high video quality have large file sizes, so it may take quite some time to download a single movie. Well, we are happy to announce that it takes less than 30 minutes to download a movie, thanks to StreamFab’s super-fast download speeds.

Who doesn’t like to see their library of movies and TV shows in an organized manner? In fact, this was one of the reasons why streaming platforms shot up to popularity. They can organize all the movies and shows in a way that prevents the user from getting overwhelmed.

You can get that same experience if you download videos from Amazon Prime Video using this Amazon downloader. StreamFab collects all the available metadata about the movies, series, and TV shows that you download from Amazon Prime Video, like a movie title, cast, season, episode title, cover, etc.

This allows you to arrange and organize all your movies easily. If you use media servers such as DVDFab Player 6, Kodi, Jellyfin, etc., you will see that these players are showing all your movies and TV shows in an arranged manner.

The steps of downloading a video using StreamFab Amazon Downloader are extremely simple. The UI is well designed with no clutter. This will allow you to navigate through its vast array of features without any difficulty.

Follow the steps given below to download an Amazon prime video of your choice using StreamFab Amazon Video Downloader.

Step 1: Download StreamFab Downloader from the official site and open it.

amazon video downloader streamfab amazon downloader

Step 2: Click on Amazon. This will open up Amazon Prime Video in a new tab.

amazon prime video downloader streamfab amazon downloader

If you have Prime, log in to your account. This will allow StreamFab Amazon Downloader to get access to Prime exclusive videos.

Step 3: Click on the movie or TV show that you want to download.

streamfab amazon downloader

A small window will open up. Here, you can select the Audio and Subtitle tracks. After that, you can add this video to the queue or start downloading it at once.

Step 4: Click on Downloading located on the left side of the window to check the status of the ongoing downloads. Click on Turbo-Speed On to increase the download speeds.

streamfab amazon downloader

Additional Features

Do you know that you can use StreamFab to download audio files as well? So, you can use StreamFab not only as an Amazon video downloader but as an Amazon free music downloader as well.

You can select the audio quality and download your favorite songs using this Amazon mp3 downloader. If you want, StreamFab also allows you to download video files as audio.

Why StreamFab

Well, there are several Amazon video downloaders out there that provide free and online services. They also claim to have features like batch download and high-speed download. So, what makes this Amazon downloader so special?

Well, firstly, StreamFab Amazon Downloader manages the batch downloads far better than what other downloaders do. Even if you put a lot of videos on download at once, StreamFab uses the bandwidth of your internet connection efficiently to download all the videos as soon as possible. Also, StreamFab can download entire seasons of TV shows extremely fast. Plus, all those videos can be downloaded in lossless quality.

StreamFab allows you to select the specific audio and subtitle track from a video. In fact, it even gives you the option to download subtitle files as .srt files or integrate them in the video using remux. The prices of StreamFab are very reasonable compared to the wide array of features that comes with it. Plus, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

StreamFab gives more than 50 updates every year. So even if Amazon makes some changes in their DRM, StreamFab will make sure that you can continue downloading videos as soon as possible. It is lightweight software, and you don’t need any high-end PC for good performance. Any processors from i3 and above with 4GB of RAM can easily run StreamFab.

Plus, StreamFab also protects your accounts in the streaming platforms. Generally, no streaming platform allows you to save and store videos on the hard drive. To ensure that your account doesn’t get blocked, StreamFab only allows you to do 50 downloads a day and 350 downloads a week from each streaming service. Once the week is over, the download quota resets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Prime Videos?

You can download videos present in Amazon Prime by either using the Amazon Prime app or by using a third-party Amazon downloader.

Can you download Amazon Prime Videos in Windows 10?

Yes, you can download and store Amazon Prime Videos on your hard disk. There're still other Downloaders to help you download videos from YouTube.

Wrapping Up

This is our favorite Amazon video downloader. It gives a ton of features at a very reasonable price. You can get the best quality videos from Amazon Prime Video for free using four simple steps.

Now, one thing to remember, you can use StreamFab as many times as you want for your personal use. However, do not sell downloaded movies and TV shows for a profit. This is called piracy and is a punishable offense in most countries around the globe.

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