Will There Be a 'Flight Attendant' Season 3 on HBO Max?

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Is There a Season 3 of "Flight Attendant" on HBO Max TV? This is your guide to "The Flight Attendant" Season 3.

The Flight Attendant is looking for someone to talk with if you think your side business is stressful. After a second season packed with brutal murders, doppelgängers, backstabbing, and CIA missions gone awry, the HBO Max dramedy has finally wrapped up its thrilling second season. We know that you are just as addicted to adrenaline as Cassie (KaleyCuoco). You're looking for more.

Are you wondering when new episodes will be available on The Fly Attendant? You are covered.

Is The Season Three of the Flight Attendant ?

HBO Max has not renewed The Flying Attendant yet. There is still hope. Season 1's final episode aired December 17, 2020. The series was renewed the following day, December 18. It's possible HBO Max might announce another season within the next few days based on this timeline.

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What Time Will The Season 3 premiere?

If we assume that the third season will air, it is best to look at past seasons. While the Flight Attendant first appeared in 2017, Greg Berlanti of Berlanti Productions joined the show only after 2019. This addition seems to have marked the beginning of production. Season 1 premiered in 2020, a full year after its predecessor.

The second season premiered in spring 2022, about one year later. This timeline shows that Season 3 will most likely debut on HBO Max in 2023, or early 2024.

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What could happen in The Season 3 of The Fly Attendant ?

Season 2 wrapped up very nicely. Cassie (KaleyCuoco) managed to take down two women who were pursuing her demise. Shane Matthews, her CIA friend and Benjamin Mo McRae, her handler, also helped her. Even Megan (Rosie Perez) got a happy ending. Megan made a deal to enter witness protection in return for Megan's participation with the CIA.

There will always be another case, so Cassie has to face her own demons. While it is not yet clear what this show will do, we are confident that its writers will discover a new purpose for high-flying beauty.

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