'Pause With Sam Jay Season 2' HBO Review: Stream It or Skip It?

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"Pause with Sam Jay Season 2" HBO Review: Watch It Now or Later!

Sam Jay, comedian, writer, and ex-writer for Saturday Night Live, received a Writers Guild Award nomination in Comedy/Variety Sketch Series. She now plays, or pauses, the show to continue where she left off last season. Jay hosts eight new episodes of half an hour, where she entertains her friends for open-ended conversations about money and race. Jay also includes sketches and animation.


The Season 1 Opening Shot is Jay and guests are seen mingling at Jay's place, with ambient chatter playing in the background. Jay then turns to Jay to ask a friend: "Do you find yourself in queer places?"

The Geist: Every episode of Pause is about a different topic. Season 2 begins Jay's exploration of intersectionality, being Black and Gay.

Jay moves from her houseparty where notably nearly all her female friends were LGBTQ+, while her two male conversation partners are straight. She then goes to an interview segment featuring Cathy Renna (communications director, National LGTBQ Task Force). Jay discusses the feelings she has both within and without the LGBT community in both of these situations. Jay says to her friends, "I am Black first." Gay second. Jay tells Renna that she gets the feeling that Pride parades and LGBTQ discussion are too heavily dominated by white people.

Jay claimed that there is no Hollywood agenda for gay themes. However, she feels society portrays Black men unjustly as more homophobic. She says, "That's bullshit." "Homophobia is everywhere, and it doesn't seem to be limited to Black men. However, it is telling that both of the Black men she spoke to at her party expressed fears that teachers, schools, and showbiz are promoting homosexuality among children.

Jay sits down and has a laugh with lesbian partners who are both'studs'. He asks them specific questions and makes it funny to find out if they still have sex with one another. Jay admits that he asks such questions as'stud on stud' is his homophobic thing.

Then there is the basketball game. This piece of humor, music, and artistic performance art, adds another dimension to comedy.

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Which shows will it remind you of?: Compared to two previous HBO efforts in weekend late-night, Jay's show continues to blend the playfulness of The Chris Rock Show with the seriousness of Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas.

Jay is a skilled stand-up and this ability also helps her in her late-night show. Jay isn't afraid to voice her opinions, no matter if she's arguing with a friend in her home or sharing her knowledge and blunders during an interview before strangers. Jay finds humor and interesting moments by not being afraid to speak her mind, even though she isn't looking for them.

She is able to have nuanced discussions, which contrasts with Dave Chappelle's obsessions about comparing LGBTQ activism to Black American activism. Jay's researches allow us to understand how Chappelle may be consumed with the subject.

Her open format and lack of control are a reflection of her freedom to be frank.

Skin and Sex: Would you like to play naked basketball? Four to five minutes of our time is spent watching "Sam Jay's Naked Niggasectionality Basket Tournament and Slap-Box Contest" where Jay coaches a group of naked males against an opponent team coached by Alex English, aka "The Slick Back Booty Boys".

The Parting Shot: Jay and Jay return to Jay’s house party mid-conversation about the closing credits. Jay is telling Jay's friends of a man who "knew" Jay when he wore purple cargo pants.

The Sleeper Star: This episode features the freestyle hip-hop performance of Kidd Kenn and Delli Boe in half court. It follows the basketball game with hot dogs mascots and twerking ladies. The series: Jay might have Yaya Vincent as his party host, which allows for heated, funny conversations.

Are you willing to stream #PauseWithSamJay Season 2 or not on @hbomax #SIOSI

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We are calling YOU CAN STREAM IT. My new rule: Skip Maher to go directly to Jay to have the most current cultural conversations that matter. Jay will make you smile and provoke you.

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